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Kids Painting

Posted by Vinícius Guimarães on July 17, 2012 in Lifestyle

Painting allows children to discover a colorful world full of imagination, lines and shapes, which symbolizes their experiences and feelings. As several specialized publications report, painting increases children’s expression and concentration abilities, while encouraging their sensitivity, creativity and communication. Painting, as any other activity, can be taught by example. This implies that if kids are accustomed to see their mom or dad painting, they will be surely attracted to the world of shapes, colors, pencils and brushes.

It is a fact that children learn by imitation; therefore, once they have been attracted by painting, parents influence should be directed to guide and motivate them accordingly. However, there are numerous parents that do not know how to motivate their children to paint, or they are not aware about the benefits painting can represent for their kids. Thus, we are offering some tips about these issues that you could find useful.

Motivating Children to Paint

Painting is not defined by people’s age; hence, as soon as a little boy or girl can hold an object in his hand, he can start scribbling, painting and drawing. As reported by several studies, painting is considered as one of the most rewarding exercises for little kids and parents. At the same time, it is a kind of activity that kids shall carry out under their parents’ supervision, especially when it comes to small children (0 – 4 years old), as you never know what they can try with a pencil, a brush or painting.

There are numerous ways to motivate children to paint. For instance, children’s painting books are a good choice, considering they are specifically designed for kids. Therefore, in kids’ painting books children will find countless drawings of animals, plants, flowers, and cars, among others, enabling them to experiment their abilities with brush, paint or color pencils. Furthermore, there are also books that include a sponge allowing children to learn new painting techniques, and some even contain appropriate painting for children, so they can use their own fingers and hands to paint.

Starting from five years, children wish to perform more personal and free paintings. Thus, it is the ideal moment to buy them different painting supplies and arrange them in a box or a bag. This way, you are creating a more adequate artistic environment for your kid. It is important to incorporate different painting materials; for example, besides the common sheet papers, canvass and textile tissues can be used as well. As experts state, parents should be carefull about limiting their children’s creativity; hence, it is essential to respect their ideas and let them to reflect things the way they wish. Painting is an art, and as such, it should not be a conditional or repetitive activity only based on old established patterns.

Kids painting courses are also recommended, as children can learn to use different techniques and materials. Taking kids to painting exhibitions and museums is a further way to motivate them. According to several sources, there are museums offering guided tours especially designed for children, besides painting games and workshops. Contrary to what numerous parents may believe, museums can be suitable places for children.

As experts explain, although parents are worried about the fact their kids may disturb other people and not be interested at all in museum exhibitions, when they take their children to their first visit to a museum maybe they get a big surprise. Children like to imitate and be taken into account; hence, if parents are interested in paintings, kids may be interested as well, and if parents ask for children’s opinion on different paintings, kids will feel valued.

Children’s Painting Benefits

As reported by several specialized sources, painting has been indicated as a treatment for children since it encourages creativity, communication, and sensitivity. Moreover, painting also increases kids’ ability to express themselves and to concentrate. According to several scientific researches, painting decreases kids’ anxiety and fears; therefore, using a brush and painting, pencil colors or just a pencil, children can express their emotions and concerns, what calm they down. At the same time, they develop their artistic profile and taste.

Physically, painting will help children to improve their skills in performing tasks, especially with the hands (for example, handling small objects). It also improves kids’ spatial idea and facilitates the discovery of different smells, colors and textures. On the other hand, since emotional point of view, painting gives children a great satisfaction when they realize those beautiful things they can do by themselves, while strengthening their self-esteem.

As an entertainment, painting gives kids the opportunity to express their inner world and to channel their mood and feelings in a positive way, even when they still do not know how to externalize these feelings through words. In turn, this allows parents to know how their children are feeling at certain moments and find it easier to understand and help them to feel better.

In short, painting benefits children in different ways, including favoring the expression of their feelings; improving their perception of the outside world and the organization of their ideas; fostering the formation of inventiveness and a creative personality; stimulating and making more effective their communication; assisting the development of their self-esteem and individuality; developing their problem-solving skills, and sometimes calming them down.

However, it is important not to interfere with your kids paintings. As they are involved in drawing, do not ask them continually what they are painting, do not try to improve their paintings or to give a different meaning to which they told you; these attitudes will embarrass them. On the contrary, let them paint on their own and use the colors they like (maybe they prefer to use only one or two colors) and when they finish ask them how they did it and congratulate them. Showing you like what they do and valuing their efforts, will make them feel closer to you, increase their confidence, encourage them to continue painting and improving their results.

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Every kid loves painting. I remember when I was a kid; I used to always wish to have the painting activity in school last longer than anything. The same is the case when I see kids of that age even today, waiting for their favorite painting activity and having fun while painting when it starts.

The internet has provided a lot in every field. The field of painting is just one of those. It is because of the internet and different websites that painting games are now available for free without any cost and all the credit goes to the ever growing technology.

There are so many kids painting games as you surf around the web. You will not only find them fun, but also you will feel like going back to those old days. These kids painting stuff can be the best birthday gift for them as well. That is because it will make them not only even happier, but also engaged in a sort of activity of drawing and coloring stuff.

Kids Painting

Kids Painting

By these kids painting games, your kid will also be able to get familiar with the handling of a computer and that is a benefit as well. You will find a variety of those around the web and that is the best part of it. Now you do not have to go out for a little enjoyment. The only thing that needs to be done is to turn your computer on and start off by playing some good quality games.

The internet is not just a source of painting games. You can even download many painting games on your cell phones. This will make your child to have fun with painting without the fear of any fault that may occur in a computer. Cell phones are also easier to handle as they are not only portable, but also lighter than ordinary laptops.

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