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Key Tips On How To Successfully Budget For Your Holiday

Posted by rafael on January 22, 2013 in Lifestyle

A family holiday should focus on being together and provide a chance to relieve obligations such as work, school and household chores. By planning the budget well in advance of the actual trip, a carefree holiday is easily achieved. A good place to start is to identify all major expenses and decide which travel options best suit each member of the family.

1. Transportation Options

Travel to and from a destination will depend on the location, however, additional transportation needs add significantly to the cost of the trip. Using public transportation such as buses, metro or light rail systems is often a more affordable option than hiring a car. A short taxi ride from the airport may be worth the money to allow more time at the holiday destination, but taxis in large metropolitan areas can be costly. If a rental car is necessary, be sure to book ahead and check several car hire companies before making a commitment. If the destination offers scenic views and safe neighborhoods, walking is the ideal transportation option.

2. Finding Budget Accommodations

Another major travel expense that greatly affects the budget is the room and board. Hotels or B&B’s offering breakfast is a plus; some inns also offer dinner with a reduced rate when a room and meals are booked. Onsite restaurants offer convenience, and are often a welcome place to relax after a busy holiday excursion.



3. All-Inclusive Vacation Packages

One of the most affordable methods of travel can be found by taking the family on a cruise. Because the accommodations, food and entertainment are included, the only additional expenses include side excursions and tips. At many destinations, day tours may be booked on shore at a fraction of the cost of a cruise endorsed excursion.

Holiday package deals that offer a set price for airfare, rooms and meals are an easy way to meet budget restraints. Popular resort destinations such as the Caribbean, Mexico or Hawaii are best enjoyed by staying at one location. Look for vacation packages that include a favorite sport such as a round of golf, ski lift tickets or guided hikes.

4. Activities and Recreation

Allow enough flexibility in the budget to include the cost of renting sports equipment, visiting a museum or booking a guided tour of the city. The holiday should suit all the family member’s interests.

5. Creating a Worksheet

Once the destination is determined and the basic itinerary settled, it’s a good idea to list all of the expected expenses on a worksheet. Try to start the planning early, several months in advance if possible, so that ample time is allowed to research all of the travel options.

Even with the most stringent budget planning, unexpected expenses may occur. After the worksheet is completed, add an additional ten percent to the final plan in case an emergency occurs. A memorable holiday brings lasting joy to family members for years, so be sure to include a little extra cash for souvenirs, photos or a special meal.

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