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Keep Safe Online Or On Holiday: Make Sure You Know Who They Are

Posted by rafael on February 7, 2013 in Lifestyle

Whether in sowing the seeds of a new love or giving attention to one well established, sometimes outside help is the only answer and we could provide the helping hand you need, as these clients found out.

Budding On line Romance

A woman had not long begun conversing with someone online when they felt they had a connection with each other. Though the pair had been communicating for several months they had not yet met and the woman wished to be sure of his identity and credentials before committing to a meeting and a relationship. Using the information the woman had acquired from conversing with the individual, an investigation into verifying the details and finding any other information desired. It was discovered that the client’s potential partner was who they declared to be and the relationship bloomed.

Withering Heights

Unfortunately the love in this relationship was long lost and the client was in the midst of a divorce from his wife and was concerned that his former partner had failed to make the legal requirement of a full declaration of her assets in the proceedings of the divorce. He needed evidence that would prove this and ensure that he received his due share. Soon after the investigation had begun, it became apparent that the man had been correct in his suspicions and evidence was accordingly provided which ensured he received the correct amount in the final settlement.

Exotic Import

This woman wanted to be sure of the man she had been involved with on a recent holiday romance. The man in question was hoping to move in to this country and pick up where the relationship with the woman had left off, but she wanted to be assured of his character and motives before becoming involved again. After several weeks of thorough checks an investigation were carried out, no suspicious details were discovered and the client was reassured in the motives and character of the individual and their relationship.

Keep Safe Online

Keep Safe Online

The Rose has Its Thorn

A wealthy gentleman had concerns over the new woman in his life. Though the client had been led to believe that his new partner felt strongly for him, some of her recent actions had led him to have suspicions over the motives behind her affections. The man provided information on this suspicious behaviour and the periods of time when we may find the evidence he needed to be sure of his relationship. The investigation into this unfortunately revealed that his suspicions were well grounded in reality and we were able to prove through various private communications, the unkind intentions of the individual in question.

Let It Grow

An anxious mother, looking out for her teenage son was worried about recent acquaintance he had online. She wanted to be sure they were who they said they were before her son became too attached. After learning of the dangers that can come with online communication, she wanted to be sure that her son would remain safe. The identity of the online individual became apparent fairly quickly and it was ensured that the person was appropriate company for the boy and she was very satisfied with the findings and the relationship developed and the couple are still going steady.

Charlie Hodgson is a Private Detective with many years working alongside private detective. In this time he has spent many hours investigating people’s backgrounds and credibility, especially for people with relationships that have been developed online or on holiday. Charlie has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the private detective industry. For more articles like this go to http://www.birmingham-privatedetectives.co.uk

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