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Don’t Let The Sun Ruin Your Beach Wedding

Posted by rafael on November 17, 2011 in Lifestyle

Beach Wedding

Outdoor weddings are adored the world over for their beautiful and romantic touch. The weddings are nonetheless difficult to organize because they come with a number of unexpected pitfalls. However, there are various tips that can help you get things in perspective. You can start by looking at wedding dresses for the beach.

The dress code for this kind of wedding should be slightly different because of the sun light intensity. For this reason, wedding dresses for the beach are usually light and their design does not allow for accumulation of heat.  Choosing the right color is an important factor because very bright colors might strain the eyes under the strong sun. The dress should also blend well with sunglasses.

Consider the wind factor. This means that the wedding dress should not have too many loose or hanging ends. You can however pick on this kind of wedding dresses for yourbeach wedding if the venue is in a bay. Bays have natural wind barriers and are magnificent for beach weddings especially if the bay stretches for a more than a kilometer.

Don’t Let The Sun Ruin Your Beach Wedding

Don’t Let The Sun Ruin Your Beach Wedding

Protect yourself against sun ban by ensuring that you have plenty of sunscreen. The other precautionary measure you can take is to go for wedding dresses for the beach that are specifically made to block out the sun. These dresses are tailored using UV rays resistant materials and are sold complete with gloves and a matching UV hat and sunglasses.

Flat wedding shoes helps you walk comfortably on sand. You can nonetheless save money by deciding to exchange your vows in the ocean’s shallow warm waters as you will not need shoes in this case especially if the wedding’s reception and other activities are to be help at the same venue.

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