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Customized Tattoo Stickers

Posted by Vinícius Guimarães on July 11, 2012 in Lifestyle

There are many websites that offer many different kinds of Tattoo Sticker such as customized bumper stickers, customized tattoostickers, kid’s temporary stickers, and temporary body tattoos.  The stickers that I am going to talk about in this article are tattoo stickers.

On the first website that I went on, were six thousand tattoostickers for a person to choose from and they range in different types to different prices.  Here is a list to show you the different amount that you would pay for different Tattoo Stickers and they are Tribal Deer Skull Tattoo for $4.95, Dancer Tattoo Sticker for $5.60, Heart Tattoo with Flowers for $5.10, Rainbow #4 Tattoo Sticker for $6.40, and the last one I want to mention is skulls and curls tattoo for $5.00.

Customized Tattoo Stickers

Customized Tattoo Stickers

The second website that I went on was a little different from the first one, but the prices were about the same.   Here is a list to show you what I mean about being different from the first website and they are Aftermath Moko Tattoo Skull for the price of $3.99, Mitch O’Connell Mai O Mai Hula Girl Sticker for the price of $3.99, Jam or Die Tattoo Roller Derby Patch for $5.99, Sunny Buick Butterfly Eyes Sugar Skull for $3.99, and they even offer key chains with tattoos on them.  I found several different ones and one that I would like to mention is Lady Skull Metal Keychain for the price of $3.99.

Both websites offered different things for the person looking for tattoostickers with prices that were almost the same.  Depending on what the person is looking for and what size tattoo stickers the person wants comes to the prices of the tattoo.   Some are very pretty while others are very interesting and what I would recommend is for the person to check up more than one website before they make up their mind on what they want.


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