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Courtship And Its Changes With Life Style Variations

Posted by rafael on May 9, 2012 in Lifestyle

Courtship can be defined as the time before the engagement or marriage of a couple.  In a sense, you can see it as period prior to the legal establishment of a relationship.  While considering the meaning of courtship, you can understand that actually during this period that the couples get familiar with each other. Nowadays, in case of almost all marriages, there will be a courtship period for the understanding of couples about their behavior. At this time, the couples exchange their love and caring for a better relationship.

With changes in society and relationships, the meaning of courtship has undergone great changes. By traditions, courtship actually happened in case of formal engagements. At that time, the males took the initiative to court their female partners thereby persuading women to know him and to express her response for marriage. But now, things have changed a lot; courtship now includes the dating of couples, along with their outing for movies, dances, meals, sports and several other social recreational activities. It may sometimes include the mutual communication between the couples through telephone or other means like messages, e-mails, chatting etc.

Courtship And Its Changes With Life Style Variations

Courtship And Its Changes With Life Style Variations

Other than human courtship, several animal species also has courtship rituals to select their mates. It involves touching, dances, and other shows displaying beauty and fighting abilities. In animal species, courtship is regarded as a process of selecting their mates for reproduction.

Several theorists use the word courtship to describe sexual identity and gendering processes. However, in general terms, one can define it as a process that brings males and females together in matrimony. So, it can be considered as a principle part in marriage. According to certain religious beliefs, it is said that courtship is mainly to discern whether it is God’s will for the couples to enter into the sacrament of marriage.  Whatever may be the changing lifestyles the meaning of courtship also alters depending on the individuals who engage in a relationship.

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