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Great Ways To Plan Important Events

Posted by rafael on January 22, 2013 in Bars, Clubs & Nightlife

When it comes to planning any event, the ways in which people are notified and reminded are key to ensuring that everyone is fully aware about future events. Whether a holiday party in December, a wedding in the summer, or a baby shower in the fall getting the word out is important if anyone desires for attendees to RSVP. As technology has become a growing trend in event reminder tools, other options, such as save the dates magnets, are available outside of the technological loop that will keep everyone informed about future happenings. Here is a few examples below:

Save The Date Magnets:

Instead of mailing paper reminders, saves the dates magnets are a wonderfully unique approach that keeps everyone in the know. Many companies customize magnets for a standout approach that will match anyone’s style and attitude and will become a standout centerpiece on any refrigerator.

Save The Date Photo Cards:

On the same line as save the dates magnets, Save the Date Photo Cards are just as unique and exciting. What better way to remind people about events in the future than by giving them a framed picture of an event such as a wedding or a birthday that they can keep anywhere in their home? There’s nothing quite like it. For a different approach to the ago old reminder tools, Save the Date Photo Cards are perfect for any event occasion.

Important Events

Important Events


If knee-deep in the technological world, the ways in which to get the word out is probably best approached through email. As everyone this day and age has their own, sending out mass amounts of emails, regularly, will remind people about events taking place that they needn’t miss.


With over half the population signing on to Facebook every day, reminding everyone about important happenings is definitely made best through Facebook. By creating an event through Facebook, you can invite friends and colleagues, and track who is coming because there is a visible RSVP, but it also reminds whoever joins of when an event exactly takes place. This approach ensures that people who join events know exactly when and where it takes place.

Sending Invitations:

Perhaps the most traditional reminder tactic available, sending invitations will never go out of style. With mass amounts of different invitation styles to choose from, anyone can opt for the loudest invitation possible, or a more subtle approach if need be that will remind everyone about an important date ahead. Save the date magnets might be one of the best ways to remind people of your special event.

Keeping these five helpful approaches in mind, raising awareness about upcoming events should be a simple endeavor. And whether or not combining any of these tactics is something that may deserve experimentation is purely up to anyone. But it couldn’t hurt, right?

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