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5 Reason Why Wine is Good for You

Posted by rafael on January 18, 2013 in Bars, Clubs & Nightlife

When it comes to drinking alcohol, you always hear about the negative effects it has on your mind and body. Most manufacturers and distributors put labels on their products to warn you about what could happen if you drink too much at one time or regularly over an extended period of your life.

But recent studies have found that wine may actually provide your mind and body with some benefits. The following are five reasons why wine is actually good for you.

1. It can help keep you slim.

The ingredients in a glass of red wine can help cut inches around your waist. Studies have found that a glass of wine will help your body burn extra calories for at least 90 minutes after finishing the glass, and this can help your body burn extra fats and calories. It’s also been found that people who drink wine instead of hard liquor tend to have smaller waists and less abdominal fat.

2. It can help you fight digestive issues.

If you drink one glass of red wine per day, you may just find that you’ve reduced your risk of catching any type of digestive disease. People who drink a glass of wine on a regular basis suffer from less ulcers than those who don’t, and they also are less likely to catch food poisoning or salmonella, even if they consume foods that are contaminated.



3. It can eliminate risk of diabetes.

A 10-year study by Harvard Medical School recently found that women who are premenopausal and who drink at least one glass of wine per day will have a 40% less chance of falling victim to type 2 diabetes. It appears that wine can help the body’s production of insulin, and this can be the main reason why some women do or don’t get diabetes later in life.

4. It can reduce your risk of heart attack.

Red wine is known to improve the heart health of those who drink regularly. In fact, even people who may have high blood pressure will find themselves less likely of having a heart attack if they drink at least one glass of wine on a regular basis. A study by Harvard Medical School actually found that wine drinkers are 30% less likely to have a heart attack than non drinkers, even if they have high blood pressure.

5. It can strengthen your bones.

It’s been found that the ingredients in wine can boost estrogen and other hormones that are needed to strengthen your bones. In fact, people who drink wine on a regular basis are 20% less likely to suffer from weak bones or bone diseases such as osteoporosis. Even drinking a glass of wine a day at a younger age can strengthen your bones enough to remain strong when you’re older.

If you enjoy drinking every now and then or on a regular basis, you’ll want to make sure that you’re choosing a drink that can provide you with health benefits. So when it comes to choosing between liquor, beer or wine, choose wine if you want to be healthy.

Caroline Jones has been a health inspector for six years.  She writes about good health conditions, cleanliness, and healthy dieting.

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