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So You’re Thinking Of Having A Loft Conversion

Posted by rafael on February 11, 2013 in Home and Decorating

A loft conversion is great in so many ways- It can add that extra space you so desperately need, add value to your home and saves you the effort of a stressful move in order to get that extra room. There are things to consider first though and some wheels to put in motion before can start to convert your loft. Here is the fool proof guide to carrying out a loft conversion-

Why Convert In The First Place?

Loft conversions can add a great deal of space making a big difference in homes that are becoming a little overcrowded. Most people who have conversions are happy in their home and don’t want to move. Having a loft conversion offers a convenient solution. Moving home is often costly including estate agent fees, stamp duty and removal services. These are all costs which you will not get back, let alone see a return on. Having a loft conversion means you can stay in your current home, and add a little extra value to your house while you’re at it.

Planning Permission- Yay or Nay?

Surprisingly enough not all properties with lofts will need permission in order to convert your space into a liveable dwelling. Because the structure is already there you don’t always need permission to change the inside. Seek advice as to whether you would need to put in an application or not as it will save you time and money if you don’t need permission.



Party Wall Notices- What Are They?

A party wall notice (PWN) is a document that informs those who share an adjoining wall with your home of the work that is to be carried out. This is not asking permission but giving notice of your intentions in order to cover both parties if there was to be any disputes. A PWN must be given 8 weeks prior to work commencing. It is best to do this face to face, possibly over a cup of tea, rather than just popping it through the letter box without explaining anything personally.

Double Check Prices

When you get an amazing quote that is lots cheaper than you expected it is so easy to just agree and expect to sit back and watch your wonderful loft conversion come together. Make sure you check all the details; does your quote include any decorating and finishing of your conversion? It can be very disappointing when you expect your builder to completely finish your new room, and then you discover you actually haven’t paid or agreed to any of this. Make sure you check what the quote includes before agreeing.

Eilidh MacRae works for MPK Lofts and has benefited herself from having a loft conversion herself. She would reccomend MPK Lofts for loft conversions in Bristol.

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