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Pie, Pint And Pool – What Could Be Better?

Posted by rafael on January 23, 2013 in Home and Decorating

It’s that time again! The time where you’re up, dressed and ready for the nation’s beloved game: Football. A lot of preparation has gone into this day, don’t forget. Who’s meeting who? What time’s the train? What time does the game kick off? Is there a night bus service? All these questions must be answered before continuing with your day. It’s all worth it in the end, mind you, when you’re in that stadium and you watch your beautiful team play the beautiful game.

Fill up Your Pint Glass

It’s a drawn out process, before you get to that stage. You get on the train, which is crammed with a hundred of your own fans, with the odd opposite team hiding his team’s jersey underneath his fleece. You get to your station and you breathe a sigh of relief – the worst part is over, plain sailing from now on. Your watch tells you that it’s just too early to be getting the taxi to the stadium so you decide to have a deserved drink before the game. The bartender on the other end of the counter offers you a pint at half price – you could kiss him! You refrain though, for social protocol dictates you keep your lips to yourself.

Bring in the Pie

You pay the legendary bartender, and you sit down with your pint of beer. But something’s missing. TV with the sports on, music in the background, a beautiful ice cold drink yet something doesn’t feel right. Then it hits you – you want a pie. You simply cannot have a drink of beer without a pie to go with it, as the beer is rendered pointless. Luckily, the pub you’re in also serves food – but even if it doesn’t you can simply walk 100 yards to your local takeaway, opening earlier and shutting later on match days. You order your favourite pie to go with your drink, sports and music. Your friends are enjoying themselves and all seems perfect.



Anyone Fancy a Game?

But hang on. Something still doesn’t feel right. Impossible though, right? Well you’re wrong. A pie and a pint have to follow by a couple of games of that pub game classic – pool. The game which brings intoxicated friends together but can also get quite competitive.  The ‘spur of the moment’ wager bet intensifies the experience and makes the game serious and could be friendship-threatening. Focus, concentration and skill are all needed, but whilst you’re intoxicated that can be quite a struggle.

You get through it though and you play the game. One ball in, one ball misses. Your opponent goes on an impressive run which sees him 3 balls away from victory. All of a sudden, you feel this rush of adrenaline run through you and you suddenly become determined to make the ultimate comeback. Hoorah! One ball goes in and then another, then another and eventually you’re both on the penultimate final ball – the black. One simple error could hand your opponent the victory so it’s crucial that you remain calm and don’t let the nerves get to you. Your opponent has the shot and its hit the outside pocket and misses! The cue ball is right up against the cushion and the black is against the opposite. An impossible shot but this adrenaline and determination overrides you as you suddenly see yourself take the shot. The cue ball hits the black, comes off the cushion and it’s in the pocket! Victory for you! No better feeling, is there?

Well, you could have that feeling, anytime you want without the help of a pie and a pint. A pool table in the comfort of your own home means you can fully experience the pleasure of beating your friends in private, so they don’t feel humiliated. Enjoy the fun.

Lucas Conner is an amateur pool player and professional beer drinker. When down the pub he favours the American Pool tables as their pockets are wider, making it easier for him to pot after a few pints.

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