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Let Your Condo Property Management Help You Prepare for Winter

Posted by rafael on January 8, 2013 in Homemaking & Interior Decor

As the days get shorter and the wind gets crisper, you know that winter is getting close.  Thoughts of a warm evening spent at home fill you with anticipation.  However, you have to get your home ready beforehand to enjoy that image without thoughts of high heating bills crowd in.  Your local condo property management company can help you prepare your home for cold days.  Here are a few tips to help you get ready.

Look For Air Leaks

One of the worst offenders for rising heating costs is a leaky window or door.  If you have old windows, you will want to notice if they allow air to come in along the edges.  If you feel cold air, you can simply caulk the area.  Caulking is an easy fix that only takes a few minutes for each window.

  • Purchase silicone-based caulk for outdoor use, along with a caulk gun to apply the caulking to the window.
  • Wait until the temperature is above 45 degrees Fahrenheit with low humidity so that the caulk dries.  Make sure no rain is in the forecast.
  • Replace old peeling caulk before applying new.
  • Start with ground level windows to get used to the process before getting on a ladder.
  • Repair rotted wood or other damage for a smooth surface to apply the caulk.  Remove paint and dirt and make sure the area is dry.
  • Pull the rod back on the caulk gun and place the end of the tube in the slot.  Make sure the gun engages and squeeze the handle gently so that it is against the end of the tube.
  • Cut the tip of the tube and break the seal with a sharp object.  Press the tip against the window sill and press firmly on the handle to apply the caulk in a continuous line.
  • Wipe any extra caulk off with a clean cloth.
Your Condo Property

Your Condo Property

Condo Property Management Companies Can Recommend Repairmen

While caulking your condo windows is a simple task, if you do not have time or the inclination to do the work, you can ask them for recommendations on home maintenance services.  The managers of a condo property management company will have a list of vendors that they can recommend.  Since they use professionals with references and a good record of service, you can  be sure of quality work.

Other Ways to Lower Your Home’s Heating Costs

Have your furnace serviced before the temperature drops too low.  It’s never a good idea to wait until you need the heat to turn your furnace on.  Try it out on a warmer day and make sure that it works properly.  If you didn’t have it serviced in the spring, you may want to call your furnace provider to make sure the wires, blower, and other parts look good.  A furnace in proper working order will run more efficiently to keep costs down.

To help your home stay warmer on cold nights, you can reverse the direction that your ceiling fans turn to circulate the air.  Many people don’t think about using their ceiling fans in the winter, but they can be helpful to circulate warm air as well as cold air in the summer.  Since warm air rises, this will help bring it down into the room, especially if you have ceiling vents.
When you need advice on preparing your home for cold weather, you can contact your condo property management company for advice and names of reputable contractors.  This will save you on heating costs throughout the cold time of year so you can enjoy being inside warm and cozy.

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