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Contemporary vs. Modern Home Interior Design

Posted by rafael on December 23, 2012 in Homemaking & Interior Decor

How Should you Redesign your Interior?

Deciding how to redesign any interior space can be a nerve-racking task, especially since there are so many eye-catching designs available that can completely transform any room. So let’s say that you’ve managed to narrow down your choices to contemporary interior design and modern interior design. You might have heard about both during your search and want to learn more about these two unique interior styles.

Modern design is often easily confused for contemporary design. While the two have their similarities, there are plenty of differences that separate these styles into distinct entities that are worthy of examination on their individual merits. Learning about the similarities and differences these two extraordinary designs can help you when it comes to finalizing your design plans. With the help of an interior design consultant, you might decide to use one or the other – or perhaps use specific design elements from both.

What is Contemporary Design?

Overall, contemporary design is a much more recent phenomenon that combines the best of both past and present styles. Contemporary interior design borrows from a variety of styles, including Postmodernism, Art Deco and Futurism, just to name a few. Unlike modern design, contemporary design doesn’t follow a single, rigid style format, instead offering plenty of variations on the contemporary theme.

Most contemporary interiors can be identified by their bold color schemes, overall starkness and the use of curves to tie architectural elements together. In the end, contemporary design offers a clean interior space that offers plenty of personality without resorting to ornate or overbearing design elements to make itself look appealing and unique.

Home Interior Design

Home Interior Design

Comparisons to Modern Design

In contrast to contemporary design, modern design follows a more rigid format when it comes to creating interior spaces. Modern design heavily relies on natural and neutral colors to avoid having one single element dominate and overpower other elements in a room. Modern design also favors strong lines to tie architectural elements together, as opposed to the curves often employed in contemporary designs. On the other hand, both designs trend towards simplicity. Uncluttered spaces featuring clean lines and a distinct lack of ornate elements are the usual hallmarks of both contemporary and modern design. Both styles tend to employ minimalist furniture featuring exposed metal and glass surfaces.

Modern design got its start in the late 1800s, predating contemporary design by several decades. Its origins come from the German Bauhaus school of design, with great emphasis placed on simplicity and function. Postmodernism is an offshoot of modern design, borrowing key elements from its parent while developing many of its own design traits.

Revitalizing Your Home

Perhaps you feel as though your home or place of business is missing that certain something. If this is the case, these spaces can benefit from an interior redesign carried out by the best designers in the business. Your first step should be to talk to an experienced interior design consultant who can guide you through the redesign process. Your consultant can also offer plenty of wisdom and insight into the latest contemporary interior design trends.

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