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Hawaiian Party Decorations – A Wonderful Theme for Your Party

Posted by Vinícius Guimarães on May 16, 2012 in Home and Decorating

Nowadays theme parties have become a usual and popular event. For those people who still are not familiar with this term we clarify that a theme party is one where organizers choose a topic in advance serving as the central strand for the party’s decoration and logistics. While some years ago these parties were almost exclusively organized for children, this situation has significantly changed in recent times. As several publications report theme parties for adults have abruptly increased, what opened the doors for a new kind of business: agencies for theme parties’ organization.

The success reached by these parties is closely linked to the fact people consider they are more fun than traditional ones. According to people’s opinion when they attend a traditional party they already know what to expect; they will talk, drink, spend some times with friends and may be dance. However, considering that theme parties are organized as a kind of joke involving all guests, where everything, including people’s dresses are linked to a specific topic, people attend with a mentality of having fun, and forgetting a little about the usual routines and social discipline; they just go to relax and spend a good time.

There is a wide range of ideas for themes parties. For instance there is Rock and Roll style’s theme party, 80’s theme parties, reggae or hippie style’s theme parties, pirates’ theme parties, ranger style’s theme parties, knights and maidens’ theme parties, the Flintstones theme parties, Hawaiian theme parties, among others.

Particularly popular are Hawaiian theme parties, since they are quite different and an excellent choice to have fun, considering that first of all they imply joy and happiness.

Hawaiian Theme Parties

Hawaiian theme parties are based on traditional Luau parties that take place in Hawaii. For Hawaiians, Luau parties are an opportunity to celebrate important events, such as graduations, birthdays, weddings, etc. They are commonly held in parks or open spaces, and include Hawaiian traditional music, dances, food and games.

There are also different activities such assembling flowers’ necklaces (known as lei), classes for hula dancing, Hawaiian stories, or the Imu ceremony, among others. Particularly the Imu ceremony is a traditional event in every Luau party, and it implies using a subterranean oven to roast a Kalua pig.

Since this perspective Hawaiian theme parties should try to resemble as much as possible Luau parties. Nevertheless, it is not an easy task, since there are numerous details you have to deal with in order to guarantee a successful party. For instance, decoration is a key aspect of a Hawaiian theme party. Thus, we will review some points you should pay a particular attention to.

Hawaiian Party Decorations

An adequate decoration is what will guarantee the Hawaiian touch you need for your party. Thus you should assure the place to be fully decorated in a Hawaiian environment. For this purpose you could fill the place where the party will be held with palm trees and flowers, as well as some ornaments linked to tropical birds, like parrots. Make sure flowers are everywhere (windows, doors, etc.).

You need as well typical Hawaiian torches (simulated torches can be also used) or colored lamps. Particularly torches can add a warm glow to a subtle Hawaiian atmosphere while serving as decoration. If there is a pond or pool you can decorate it by using romantic floating candles.

It is strongly recommended to count with the advice or the services of an experienced chef in order to prepare and decorate typical Hawaiian dishes and beverages. Besides Kaluala pig, there are other Hawaiian traditional dishes. For example, a salad combining fresh salmon, chile, onion and tomato; or another salad prepared from tuna, sesame oil, sea salt, pepper, specific seaweed and inamona (a condiment combining salt and candlenuts). Tropical fruits such as papaya, mango, coconut or pineapple are mandatory. You can decorate food with colored paper flowers and slices of fruits. Cake is also a traditional issue in a Luau. Thus, it is advisable to choose a cake plenty of fruits and colors. You should also use colorful dishes and tablecloths.

Regarding beverages do not make the mistake of offering them in plastic or colorful glasses; use glass cups instead. The usually served drinks in a Hawaiian party include typical cocktails such as Blue Hawaiian, Mai Tai or Pina Colada, composed mainly from rum and tropical fruits.

Do not forget to serve drinks with straws and decorate them with paper umbrellas and lemon slices, as this will ensure a festive and colorful touch. At the same time it is also accepted to offer cold tropical drinks, such as pineapple juice or lemonade.

Another important issue is the party dress. The host is supposed to receive guests wearing the typical lei necklace and Hawaiian clothes. All guests should be following this rule as well. For men, the ideal Hawaiian costume comprises shorts, a quite colorful shirt and a fashionable and exciting hat.

In the case of women, it includes a colorful Hawaiian skirt or dress, as well as some typical Hawaiian ornaments for the hair. If a woman is wearing a Hawaiian skirt, she can combine it with a colorful bikini bra matching the skirt, or one of those bikinis bra shaped as coconuts, shells or similar.

In order to guarantee everyone is coming properly dressed you should sent invitations beforehand making it explicit. Invitations are also part of the party, so their design ought to correspond to a Hawaiian theme party. Thus, besides conveying the traditional information for guests, like who is hosting the party, place, date, hour, etc. the invitation’s design should avoid being formal. Instead it shall reflect a typical atmosphere of festivity and joy Hawaiian party.

Finally, if you wish people to feel like in real Luau it is necessary to count with original music. For that reason a good idea is to prepare in advance a good compilation of Hawaiian music, the kind that includes typical Hawaiian string instruments as the ukulele.

If you need more information on Hawaiian party decorations check the links below:

When you think about hosting a party outdoors the first thing that comes to mind is a Hawaiian party. It is a traditional outdoor party theme. Usually it is hosted during the hot summer season. It is also called as the Luau. This festive theme can be chosen irrespective of the reason for celebration. The Hawaiian atmosphere can be easily created by using coconuts, tiki torches, grass skirts and tropical flowers. On the island of Hawaii “Luau” means feast. In Hawaii, luau means coming together and celebrating and making merry. Usually during luau, a group of friends and family gather to celebrate with lots of food and fun. Before starting the decorations for your Hawaiian party, a few things should be taken care of.

Hawaiian Party Decorations - A Wonderful Theme for Your Party

Hawaiian Party Decorations – A Wonderful Theme for Your Party

The party should be kept outdoors as far as possible. The arrangement must be such that in any case you must be able to move it inside. For arranging the Hawaiian theme, purchase some cheap tiki torches, and carved candles from the garden store. You can also include coconuts, green leaves and any other decorations that will bring the taste of perfect Hawaiian party decorations. Hula hoops can be used to decorate the fence. You can make a floral wire using flowers which are large and have a silky texture and attach those on the Hula hoops around the fence. Buy some grass skirts which are easily available at any party store. These skirts make a fabulous trim when arranged around buffet chairs and tables.

Keep a bouquet of plastic or self decorated silk flowers to honor your guests when they enter the party. These flowery favors are a part of Hawaiian party theme. You can increase the beauty of your decorations by adding variety of flowers to it. The more colorful and fragrant they are, the more they will add beauty to your decorations. Bamboo placemats can be used to provide a tropical look. Hawaiian island is abundant in pineapples. So, make use of pineapple printed tablecloths and curtains to give a Hawaiian look to your decorations.

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