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Different Kinds of Interior Paint Finishes

Posted by rafael on March 14, 2012 in Home and Decorating

The interior paint of your house is probably what you want to improve the most in your house. There are lots of finishes that you can actually choose from. It’s just a matter of style – your style. The matte finish is one of the most common yet beautiful paints. This is commonly used indoors. This paint is best used if you want to cover scratches or cracks on your wall. The next kind of finish is the eggshell finish. Now, everybody knows how an egg looks like, right? So imagine the texture and the color of the eggshell and place it on your wall or ceiling. This kind of finish is not so glossy or shiny so it is best used on walls.

Different Kinds of Interior Paint Finishes

Different Kinds of Interior Paint Finishes

Another kind of interior paint finishing is satin finish. This finish is smooth and is somehow a little glossy compared with the two finishes mentioned earlier. Experts suggest that this kind if paint finish be applied in areas which are busy like the bathroom, the kitchen and the kids’ room. Next would be the semi-gloss finish. Now this is the perfect finish that is applied on doors, windows, cabinets and the like because it can easily be cleaned and it has that elegant shine that is enough for people to notice. However, the preparations prior to applying this finish is taxing so be sure to prepare them well.

Lastly, the glossy interior paint finish. This is the common finish that you usually find in offices malls and any other business establishments. Its finish boasts of an almost mirror-like reflective quality. Though it is not commonly used at home, still there are some who opt to apply glossy paint for their doors, cabinets, hallways. But if you don’t be careful when you apply this kind of finish then the imperfections you have on your walls might end up amplified.

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