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Church Altar Designs Modern and Old Concepts

Posted by rafael on September 7, 2012 in Home and Decorating

There are some things in this life that just make us take a step back and admire. This phenomenon makes a sensation of different sorts on us. Some will experience calm and relax sensations while others have a more compelling feeling to act and behave in certain way. The power of influence that some phenomenon causes on us can be human made or natural. And perhaps even a mixture of both.

Any way or another there are some things in life that makes us wonder, and religion is known to have been very skillful to make a lot of these things in life that we, as mere mortals, wonder and admire. They rely on admiration to spread their beliefs. Religion is surely important for the majority of people in this planet. And the reason is quite simple, religion makes us wonder and admire. It entices us.

One of the most celebrated faiths in the world is the Christian faith, with its more than two billions followers, and possible growing in numbers as we speak. The cornerstone of Christianity has been, since its inception the Church and more specifically the altar. The altar is the center of any Christian church and it is in this place that all the ceremony, also called liturgy happens during the Mass.

The altar is normally a simple table, although it can be quite extravagant in some places, upon which the priest celebrates and partake, alongside everybody, in Christ’s sacrifice. This holy place is where the mere bread and wine become Christ’s body and blood as the Catholic Church and followers believe.

As said, the altar is a place of sacrifice and it is incredible important for the Christian community, specially the Catholics. There has been some kind of problems in the design of recent churches and altars as Pope John Paul II has made some commentaries about the lack of sacred in the new churches.  He said, and I quote, “There is little sense of the sacred in the new churches”.  This comment was basically directed at the new churches that have been using new style of architecture such as modernism and minimalism.

It can be understood why the Holy Father said such words at the end of last century, as many new churches were becoming architecture adventures in new styles, but the real thing is that the church and its buildings must adapt to new forms and the new era that has been upon us since the beginning of last century.  It is very interesting to have a look at how the concept of church and all the things that goes inside a church has changed and is changing in the years After Christ.

Now we have much more materials and are able to do much more with them than the previous church architectures would have even dreamt of. But how can we combine tradition with innovation?

Old Concepts of Churches

In the old days churches were much more than the House of God. It was normally the center of the town and has many responsibilities as it kept important and vital information about the people who was born, lived and died in those particular places. The Christian faith was displayed in the church to help people understand what the church was all about and the most important place of the church, the altar, receive the most important piece of art of the whole building. All the experience of entering a old church was to give you the idea of the power of god and its son, Jesus, by a series of images that evoked the story on the bible, also known as the holy book.

In that way the Christian faith have influenced many artists and promoted different styles throughout the centuries and places in this wide world. This influence was important because the Church was basically the only place where artists could display their work and they could actually get paid for that. During most of the Christianity the artists would have been proud to put their work in the altar, and so the Church and the altar bear many works of artists depicting the live of Christ and many other important passages of the Holy Book.

New Churches For a New Era

As the Churches are a very important part of the Christian faith, and in some sense of this religion it is the actual center of the faith, the place where to find God and to be close to the savior, this place has never lost its value for the Christians. But the Christians that we see nowadays differ greatly from Christians from a thousand or perhaps two thousand years ago. For one thing they can read and do not need pictures showing passages of the Bible in order to them to understand what is Church, Catholicism and many other important concepts in this religion.

This new breed of Catholics has more information at their hands and less time in their lives. They have other types of interests and the churches should be able to capture that. That is why nowadays we see more churches embracing the minimalist and abstract types with less extravagant pictures and more calm and respectful altars. The altars in these new churches concepts are more integrated with what people actually are looking for in a religion and religious building, a place where they can find their own sense of religiosity and find inner peace.

Church altar concepts designs have found new concepts that were taken of the secular architecture design but still retain their most important feature, the sacred place where the priest makes the sacred rituals. In this sense it retains most of the same concept of old church altar. The biggest difference now is not simple in the altar or in the church, but in the people that go there to celebrate their religion.

They are changing their lives and their way of living, but they do not want to change the religion and faith they hold very much. That is why church altar, although trying new concepts, must retain some of the old churches altars concepts. Everything in life changes, especially people, but even those that change do not like change that much. After all, religion is here to show people how things can still be sacred even in this brand new world where everything seems a little secular.

Behind all beautiful structures and buildings there will be hard work of a number of workers as well as many architects. The credit of making such beautiful creations goes to the architects alone. Even though the part played by the workers is unavoidable finally it is the architect who gets rewarded for his great innovation and imagination powers. Building churches and other related buildings are one of the most demands architecture works nowadays. Great research and study about the particular traditions of the church is very necessary to get the right results. Apart from the olden times the church altar designs have witnessed drastic changes.

Church Altar Designs Modern and Old Concepts

Church Altar Designs Modern and Old Concepts

Apart from the traditional churches it is in the new churches that these innovative new designs are been experimented more. When renovating or re-constructing an existing church, the architect will not have much opportunity to work out his imaginations. In most cases the architects will have instructions to re-assemble the existing altar without losing the old traditional looks. To a great extent this is good because the works that have done in the old times will be way ahead in designs and other artistically works. One should try to renovate these works only he is well confident about these tasks.

When compared to the olden times there are many things that the modern church designs missing. Sprawling modern pulpit is the greatest examples for such structures. It was one of the greatest symbols of the old churches. Anyways both the modern and old architecture has its own advantages and negatives. It is the expertise of the architecture that makes these churches favorites for the parishioners. These buildings must be made with a great blend with the nature. A nature friendly and cool place will be more ideal for a church setup. Learn more about these designs and structures to make a better awareness about different aspects.

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