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Basketball Bedding a Unique Bedding Style

Posted by rafael on October 15, 2012 in Home and Decorating

Our bed is arguably the most important piece of furniture of our entire house. We spend at least a third of our life in our bed. That is of course if you like to get the precious eight hour of sleep every night. If count the others hours of napping and the days when you stay in bed a little while longer you should have more time of your life in bed.

So it is important to keep it in a way that is good and comfortable to you. Of course these two definitions can and normally is different from person to person. But if you like sports one thing is almost certain, you would enjoy some nice and comfy unique bedding. And you are specially a basketball fan basketball bedding can be a unique bedding style.

There are millions of different styles for a bedding, but nothing says that you like a team more directly than a bedding with the logo and other stuff from the team imprinted on it. You are a basketball fan a unique bedding style should display your love for a particular team or your love for the sport in general.

You can find dozens of different stores that will sell you a basketball bedding that match your unique style. You can probably find that unique basketball bedding that matches with your love for a particular team. And you can even find some special type of bedding that celebrates some achievement of your team or some player that embodies the essence of the team. Anything to show the world that you love the basketball and that you love your team.

Basketball is a game played worldwide so wherever you live you can find some team or national team that will represent what you love and care about. And of course if the team you love is from another country there is no problem at all, as the globalization is a force that makes everything seems a little closer, even though it is far apart.

For example if you love a American team of basketball, such as the recent national champions, the Golden State Warriors, you can easily find some things to buy from the worldwide web. The internet is a piece of cake if you looking to find something to show your true love for the game. If can find pretty much anything on the web and it is normally cheaper than at your store. Of course there could be some delay in delivery but nonetheless you will have some things to display the colors of the basketball team that you love and care about.

The History of Bed Making 

As it was said bed is a very important piece of furniture and as such has many important rituals and history around it. And the history of our beds is intrinsically linked with the history of bed making. Interestingly enough the history of bed making is long and fortuitous, as many different civilizations have their different style of bed making and their own rituals for their unique style and techniques.

For example, one good curiosity about bed making and sleeping rituals in general is that the ancient Egyptians Pharaohs were the first people to actually raise their beds of the ground. Until them, every person in every civilization around the world, be it the Hindu valley civilization, the Greeks or the Romans, they all slept in the ground, normally with just a layer of material, such as hay or feather.

But the ideal of sleeping off the ground was not a worldwide and ubiquitous until the nineteenth century when the box spring was invented and made sleeping off the ground more easy and accessible. Until the eighteen hundreds most people still slept in the ground and with nothing more than a couple of thin layers of materials such as feather, hay, wool or reeds. This was how the beds were stuffed, and for their practical nature it was quite similar around the world. But the bed making style was quite different around the world.

For example in the ancient Roman Empire the beds were heavily decorated with several different materials such as precious jewelry, gold, silver, bronze figures and lots of painting.  Of course this was possible only for people that had the means and resources to have these different and quite expensive materials.

Most of the population, though, were still sleeping in the ground and with few or none adornments. It is from this time, however, that we started the ritual of bed making and all the symbolism that it entails, showing to the world that the person who sleep in these beds is from some class or other. As a rule of thumb poor people used to sleep in tiny beds with several people sharing the same space, without any particular bedding style, while rich and powerful people slept in sumptuous bed with more sumptuous bedding styles.

The Use of Bedding Nowadays

Today bedding style can be as simple as a simple flatted or fitted sheet over the bed, or as elaborate as the royal style with a usual flat top sheet over the fitted sheet, something as a duvet (also called quilt or blanket), usually a cover duvet over these first layer and a number of pillows with pillowcases. This style of bedding is quite expensive to maintain as it has many layers that needs to be clean regularly.

In any case nowadays things are getting ever more customized. You can have your style of bedding according to your style of life. Nowadays you can customize basically everything in your life, from your personal social network profile to your customize shoes and clothes to your beddings. So if you are looking to showcase your style of basketball fan you just need to find some online store (there are plenty) or some physical store (there are some), and you can have your own personal basketball bedding. Just chose what you are most comfortable and enjoy the good six to eight hour of sleep per day. May be you will have basketball dreams.

Beddings available in basketball themes are a good option for NBA or college basketball fans. People of all ages love basketball from the bottom of their heart and thus; they would feel great to have a bed that relates them to the game. Basketball bedding is full of character that relates the user with the game. These beddings make the room a place full of basketball fever and provide the best environment to a basketball junk. Basketball beddings make the basketball fans keep this game inside them even when they are sleeping. There are many specialist stores that keep these themes as bedding options.

Basketball Bedding A unique Bedding Style

Basketball Bedding A unique Bedding Style

Such themes are new and have a very cool decorative touch attached to them. It is for sure that it will be admired by the basketball fans all around. It would be more attractive if go with an action packed set which includes a player or two running over the court with the basketball as the center of attraction. You may also opt for a more artistic look including the ball with flames all around it. You must choose the right set of basketball bedding for a perfect look of your room.

Another available option is choosing the right photo shot for your basketball bedding. For example, the jump shot is one of the favorite shots and hence will be a good option as a bedding theme. If this is the look that you are waiting for, then get a good quality digital camera and click a quality picture for yourself.  Sometimes even a blurred action shot can work great for you. Such pictures can be easily taken by an amateur photographer with the help of any simple camera. Moreover it can be posturized very well with unique borders and can even be personalized with the basketball player’s name right beside the pictures making your basketball bedding more attractive.


  1. Sarah
    Posted 2012/11/10 at 3:03 AM

    Where can i find this bedding for sale?? The first picture of the basketball bedding on this page?

  2. Aurelie Sabourin
    Posted 2012/12/01 at 4:46 AM

    where can i buy this bedding, the fisrt picture of the baskeet ball and players.

  3. Sarah
    Posted 2014/04/13 at 3:03 PM

    Does anyone know where to find the fabric for these drapes? Are they basketball courts or a geometric pattern? Thanks!

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