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The Reformed Terrorist – Vasectomy Reversal Connection

Posted by rafael on February 4, 2013 in Health

This story comes to you from deep inside the jungles of Central India where the Indian homegrown terrorist movement, also referred to as Maoist Movement, is active and thriving.

The Maoist way of life is cruel and desperate. Recruits have to live deep in the jungles and they have undergo a vasectomy because the movement’s leaders do not want the recruits to get involved with the problems and attachments associated with a normal way of life, including pregnancy and children.

The desperate way of life in the jungles, without access to basic convenience and a family life, further hardens the terrorist’s way of thinking, and turns him into a brutal, sadistic and uncaring killing machine.

However, many male terrorists fall in love with women cadres and such couples become desperate to return back to the normal life, a luxury denied to them by their leaders. Many couples are forced to stay in the terror caps and cope with the frustration of not getting any chance of having a child and many are horrified at the crimes they are forced to commit.

The impacted couples have now started fleeing from the terror camps whenever they get the opportunity. They escape to the cities, surrender to the cops and then become police informers or at best, get a job in a government company.

But the core problem still continues to haunt them – How in this world will they ever have a family. That’s because these folks are illiterate and have not heard of reverse vasectomy.



So, the Indian police and non-profit organizations are now doubling up as tutors and explaining how vasectomy reversal works to these reformed terrorists. This bit of information is like manna from the heavens for the reformed bunch and therefore vasectomy reversal doctors are now very active undoing many vasectomies in the troubled Indian areas.

Many reformed terrorists have now returned to normal and many couples are already leading a normal family life. But the magical thing about this transformation is that that news of happy families of ex-terrorists is infiltrating the terror camps and today, many cadres want to get back to normalcy.

So, in this sense we can say that reverse vasectomy is helping calm minds and making many people return to the regular way of life. The procedure in India is inexpensive and the government is footing the hospital bills.

This is a real life case study of how reverse vasectomy can alter mindsets for the better. You can read the original article here: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-01-29/raipur/36615413_1_maoist-cadres-maoist-camp-naxal-cadres

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Chiekwugo Kelechi is a blogger and activist who has two childeren that were born after having a vasectomy reversal.

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