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Winter Is Coming, Time for These Top Winter Sports!

Posted by rafael on December 20, 2012 in Sports

Winter is on the way and that means it’s time to gear up for sports that are designed for cold weather. Get to the sports store and suit up with your best cold weather gear, and then scout out some of the best locations for the following winter pastimes.¬†Snowboarding is an adrenaline-rush of a sport that appeals to those with extreme tastes. Similar to skateboarding in some ways, snowboarding requires being able to keep good balance on a board while cruising down hills. Snowboarding does not involve poles like skiing so a person needs to be more naturally coordinated, especially since it is not as easy to control the speed. Snowboarding is particularly popular among teens and young adults. Those who are passionate about the sport have many resorts to choose from with standouts including the 3500-acre Big Sky in Montana and 2300-acre Kirkwood in California.

Those who enjoy skiing can often visit the same resorts as snowboarders. This popular sport involves cruising down hills on two skis with two poles to help control speed and maintain balance. For beginners, bunny slopes are the way to go while more experienced skiers can test themselves on challenging hills at such spots as the rustic town of Girdwood, Alaska and the steep slopes of Fernie in British Columbia, Canada.

Winter Sports

Winter Sports

Sledding is a family-friendly activity that even the youngest children can participate in, though some hills and sled types are safer than others. The rush of zooming down hills on a toboggan or circle of plastic is one that can be found in any town or city. It’s easily the cheapest of the winter sports, since makeshift sleds can be constructed from materials such as cardboard boxes and garbage bags, and any spot with a hill can provide an afternoon of thrills.

Figure skating is a far more complex sport. While ice skating is a pastime enjoyed by many people young and old, being able to skate in a manner that is pleasing to watch takes a great deal of practice. It also is a sport that is often best performed in pairs, so if you’re looking for a figure skating trip it may be best to bring an accomplished friend along for the ride. Some of the best places for figure skating include Idaho’s Sun Valley, a darling of celebrity skaters, and the Trump Wollman Skating Rink in Central Park, New York City, which affords wonderful views of the city from the rink.

Finally, while this is a more aggressive type of winter sport, ice hockey appeals to many who feel at home on the ice. It takes incredible skill and concentration to be able to skate and hit a puck at the same time. Ice hockey is not a sport for beginners, but those who have had some experience with the ice can get involved in a pick-up game. These are best played in one’s hometown, since the individuals involved can get comfortable playing alongside or against each other as they practice. Proper equipment is very important to keep the body, and especially the head, protected; but ice hockey can be lots of fun in the winter.

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