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Winter Extreme Sports: Should I Allow My Children to Practice Them?

Posted by rafael on December 18, 2012 in Sports

The extreme sports that are practiced in the winter ensnare a lot of people, as many see the professionals practicing snowboarding, half-pipe or obstacle course, high-jump ski and much more. The truth is that, while experts make it all seem so easy and so casual, these performances require a lot more practice time, a lot of skill and a lot of dedication.

The unending truth is that the people who practice winter extreme sports will generally amass a number of injuries during their careers, some of them even requiring prolonged hospitalization and even surgical interventions. The fact remains that the people who practice them accept this as a reality bound to the discipline, whatever it might be, the ones mentioned earlier or others such as bobsledding, ski jumping and more. Thus, of you find your child interested in these to a level that exceeds just juvenile enthusiasm, you might be hard pressed to express your opinion about the subject. However, it is considered bad parenting to not allow a child to follow a path that he or she considers important or interesting.

But, on the other hand, not to acknowledge the risks that you take while doing it can still be very damaging, as children will most often be less educated in this department and will be more prone to engaging in activities that can prove very damaging. Thus, to put it simply, you can’t use the same strategy that can work on other types of activities, where for instance, going for a let them try anything, if they’ll burn their hands they’ll know not to play with fire.

Winter Extreme Sports: Should I Allow My Children to Practice Them?

Winter Extreme Sports: Should I Allow My Children to Practice Them?

It can prove to be fatal or life altering, debilitating. Spinal injuries for instance can be permanent, leaving one unable to move. Therefore, as a parent you have to present your child with a clear line of demarcation between what he can and should attempt and what to avoid in order to be saved. Also, the extreme sports are practiced in very strict conditions, to avoid these types of problems from occurring.

As such, one way to do it is to enroll your child in a club where he can learn the prerequisites of any of these sports, and where he or she can practice these in relative safely and while on supervision. Also, while taking this step-by-step approach, you can make sure that the child will learn the basics before attempting anything that is more dangerous or more inclined to leading to unwanted results.

The extreme sports practiced during winter can thus prove a great education for your child as they will most often require the concentration of your child, his total commitment and also a healthy dose of scheduling; scheduling which is great when considering the advantages that it can impose on the child’s later stages in life. As such, rather than denying access to these, one has to allow the child to take part in them but also understand the dangers that he or she might be facing. Teaching responsibility is that the best way to do it.

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