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Miscarriage Tissue Pictures and its Symptoms

Posted by rafael on August 28, 2012 in Health

Usually when we talk about pregnancy or what to expect when you’re expecting, we will get lots of attention, and maybe this is because the subject on how to have a baby and its consequences are extremely important for most families. After all, one of the most intense and time consuming period of any woman’s life is certainly the pregnancy period that can span almost an entire year, if you take into account preparation (and normally this is a time consuming period for everyone around her; family, friends and colleagues, normally suffer the wild ride of maternity too).

Most people are interested, when talking about pregnancy, whether wanted or not, in how to maintain the health and well being for the mother and child. There are so many factors that influence the outcome of a pregnancy that we could talk about it almost endlessly and write as many books as we want. Actually as any woman body is a universe in itself, and has its particularities and own personal features, it is extremely difficult to make one-size-fits-all statements. But we can learn and discuss many things that happen to a large part of the population. One of those common, and sometimes scary, things is miscarriage.

Actually miscarriages are so common that it has many different causes and different aspects for each type of miscarriage. But one thing to know is that almost 20% of all pregnancies end up in miscarriage. So to spot and understand how this apparently common phenomenon in women’s body happens is quite important.

Miscarriage occur when a pregnant body ends, sometimes unexpectedly and unnoticed but other times more visible and shocking, the development of the fetus before it can survive outside his/her mother’s womb. Knowing that we can now talk about in more details what might be seen as signs of an early miscarriage situation. The most common symptoms of a miscarriage are the following:

  • Unusual vaginal bleeding or discharge, such as mucus and tissues.

In the time frame of a pregnancy many things can happen and certainly bleeding is one of them. If the vaginal bleeding is just a spot or something small it can be something not harmful at all or at least not something to worry about. But many bleedings are not normal, so pay attention. The cause of this bleeding can be as normal as an “implantation bleeding”, that happens when the egg attach itself to the womb wall and in the process releases small quantities of blood. Other kinds of not-harmful miscarriages can happen until up to the 20th week of gestation. Doctors called it threatened miscarriage. This type of miscarriage happens for a number of reasons, but the important thing to know is to keep calm and seek medical if bleeding lasts longer than two weeks.

  • Cramps, due to womb contractions, and back pain

Miscarriages are the result of the discharge of the underdeveloped fetus by the woman’s body. This is exactly what happens when menstruation takes place every month. So the symptoms normally assumed to be from a menstrual cycle can be applied to the case of miscarriage. Therefore if you are experiencing some cramps and other types of pain directly related with menstruation and you know you are pregnant, it might be a symptom of something else happening.  Seek help from your doctor or physician if the pains are more intense and with less time between each painful contraction. If this contraction happens after the 23rd week, your body might be starting early birth labor process, so it may be more important to go directly to an obstetrician, the doctor specialized in birth.

  • Reduction of symptoms of pregnancy, such as tender boobs and swollen body.

If you know that you’re pregnant and has already felt the usual symptoms of a pregnant body you might see a reduction of those symptoms as a sign of future miscarriage. Your body might be preparing itself for the early termination of the pregnancy, and for that it diminishes the overall role of many hormones and other physical substances that changes the human body during pregnancy.

 Possible Causes

There are literally hundreds of possible causes for a miscarriage that it would take us years in medical school just to know a few of them. But we can at least have some practical knowledge of whether or not the causes of the miscarriage are preventable and understandable. The following list shows the most common causes, and is by no means the last word on this important and possibly life threatening issue that is miscarriage:

  • Pure chance. That is: genetic mutation or other chromosomal one-off problems.

Nature is full of surprises and chance plays a huge role in any natural process. This is of course the case in the gestation of an infant in the belly of any woman. As the process of inception and development of a fetus involves many steps that can go awry without any external influences, simply because a gene or a chromosome has a defect in the replication process necessary for any pregnancy. So chances are that one woman in every eight will experience some kind of miscarriage. If miscarriage happens to you, don’t be much afraid and scared as it’s normal to have miscarriages at early stages of pregnancy that doesn’t affect your possibilities of childbearing.

  • Drug, cigar and alcohol abuse.

As most of the society is already aware of, there are many substances that have possible negative effects in your normal life, let alone your pregnant life. This is almost as common knowledge as the sunrise in the east and sets in the west. However many women or couple seem to forget where the sun rises and eventually risks the fetus life by using some kind of drug or substance. The most harmful drugs are, perhaps, the legal ones, since it’s easier to get a hold of them. But even pharmaceutical prescriptions can be harmful if ingested in the wrong dose. So beware of what the mother puts on her body during pregnancy as it can cause many things, one of which is miscarriage.

  • Bacteria, trauma and other external accidents.

The last, but not least, cause is a mix of internal and external factors. And it can be preventable but less predictable as it is caused by events yet unknown to the mother. These events can be traumas by accidents, such as falling from stairs or other high places. It can also be less traumatic events such as food or drinks contamination. In any case, the future mother should always be aware of the types of food she is getting and be more aware of the possible causes for an accident.

A miscarriage is a bad news among the married women who needs a kid. Miscarriage can also be termed as spontaneous abortion. The miscarriage takes place when the pregnancy process stops before the survival of the fetus. Any kind of vaginal bleeding other than spotting can be a symptom or a threat of miscarriage. The miscarriage tissue is the tissue that comes out when the pregnancy process stops spontaneously. There are different stages of miscarriage and all looks different. The stages of a miscarriage can be found out with the help of miscarriage tissue pictures.

Miscarriage Tissue Pictures and its Symptoms

Miscarriage Tissue Pictures and its Symptoms

Some women have miscarriage many times and they treat it as it’s a heavy period. This is called multiple early miscarriages. The miscarriage tissue pictures look somewhat same as a heavy menstrual period and blood clots in few numbers. This occurs after six weeks. This is the process by which body passes the fetus out there by stopping the pregnancy process. Some of the miscarriage tissue pictures have blood clots that are larger in size and is bright red in color. The sizes of the miscarriage tissue are different. Some are as small as a pea nut and some can be as the size of an orange.

The smaller one is the fetus and the larger one is the embryo. The size depends upon the time, the fetus remains inside the body. The miscarriage can take place after the third and fourth weeks as well. There is no specific time for the miscarriage to happen. If the fetus doesn’t survive then that leads to the miscarriage to happen and stop the pregnancy process. Statistics say that more than 80 percentage of miscarriage happens until the first 12 months during pregnancy process. The first symptom of miscarriage is the irregular vaginal bleeding. One should not be scared of not getting pregnant again after the miscarriage because women do get pregnant and delivers.

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