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Menopause Vitamins and Supplements

Posted by rafael on September 19, 2012 in Health

During menopause most of the women feel uncomfortable and suffer from hot flashes. This is an irritable situation and to overcome this vitamins are recommended. In many instances the woman suffers from insomnia. Under this condition it is necessary to take the advice of the physician and start taking such vitamins which he/she prescribes after proper examination.

The vitamins which you should take during this period should help to balance the hormone, which is vital for the health. As a matter of fact the condition of menopause is a transition period of women from one stage to the other. This period also influences the psychology of the woman. During this period there is a decline of hormones which was useful in providing birth to a child. Hence it is necessary to use menopause vitamins to bring about a balance in the hormone.

Menopause Vitamins and Supplements

Menopause Vitamins and Supplements

The menopause vitamins should contain Omeag 3 acids which are available from certain sea fish, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin E to stop insulin conflict in the body, Vitamin C to protect the luster of the epidermis and Vitamin B 6 to alleviate the tension. However, menopause condition cannot be totally eradicated with natural food regimen. Therefore menopause vitamins are essential to compensate the requirement of the body.

There are various types and brands of menopause vitamins available but which one will suit your specific problem has to be ascertained by your doctor. Unless you get a prescription from an experienced doctor you may buy some medicine which will give adverse effect rather than solving the problem. But to learn about the vitamins that will match your requirement you need to find out more about Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K all which are useful as menopause vitamins apart from the food substances.

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