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Importance of Abductor Muscle in a Human Body

Posted by rafael on August 12, 2012 in Health

Human body comprises of several muscles and each muscle helps a person in performing an action. Abductor muscle is one type that helps in moving the body away from its sagittal plane. These muscles help in separating the body into two halves in the vertical position. It is present all over the body to assist various dynamic actions performed by an individual. It is commonly seen around the thigh region and lesser seen near the eyeball. These abductor muscles help a person to carry out the basic operation of a body and without its help it is impossible to perform any physical activity.


In general, abductor muscle is seen around the hip area where there will be frequent pain due to high mus

Importance of Abductor Muscle in a Human Body

Importance of Abductor Muscle in a Human Body

cle contractions. This problem is commonly seen among athletes as they perform different action within few minutes. This region of hip abductor muscle has four important muscles such as gluteus medius, tensor fasciae latae, gluteus minimus and piriformis. Most of the injuries that occur in this region is due to abduction of thigh bone or femur that causes inflammation. This inflammation in turn damages a sac, which plays the role of protection between bone and muscle. This reaction may occur due to continuous work-outs, running on rugged surface, use of unsuited shoes for legs, etc. This weakness not only creates pain in the hip but also in various regions of the leg.

There are various workouts practiced by individuals that help them in strengthening the abductor muscle. Aerobics and stretching exercises are some of the training that helps an individual in providing proper support to hip. These workouts will also help in reducing the injury that arises in leg. Some people make use of resistance band in lifting their legs outward and abduct positions to improve the hip muscles. In case, people suffer from any pain around these muscles and have the difficulty in lifting any parts of body, they are advised to consult a your trainer and in the worst case even their GP.

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