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Diseases Transmitted By Domestic Animals

Posted by rafael on November 8, 2011 in Health

Domestic Animals

In most cases pets are part of the family. But, these animals transmit several dangerous diseases. Learn what they are and how to prevent them.
Many people, in spite of loving pets, are afraid of diseases transmitted by domestic animals. The hair, saliva, paws, and urine of cats and dogs are home to many microorganisms that cause disease. But, these diseases are not a problem if you know how to avoid them. Just take care as vaccinations and periodic consultations to the vet, even if your pet is healthy.

Among the care to prevent disease, some are basic: do not share food or sleep with animals, avoid kissing or cuddling and licking very close to the face, quickly collect the feces and urine of animals, seek immediate medical attention whenever someone is bitten.


The best-known disease that causes more fear. A disease that kills 100% of cases. It is caused by a virus that attacks the brain and nerves, leading to behavioral disturbances, causing difficulty breathing and swallowing even water.

Some studies show that animal bites are the fourth leading cause of accidents in children under nine years. Therefore, it is worth remembering that even when they do not provoke anger, leave wounds that can become infected and must be cared for properly.

Diseases Transmitted By Domestic Animals

Diseases Transmitted By Domestic Animals

Skin diseases

Scabies is spread by dog, cat, rabbit and horse, through direct contact with the sick animal. To avoid this, always keep your pet bathed (at least every 15 days) and weekly change of cloths. If he has itching, take it to a vet.

Fungal infections are transmitted by direct contact with dog, cat or rabbit sick. To avoid it, do not let your pet sleep in humid, and keep the house clean. If hair loss appear, consult a veterinarian.

But, the most common diseases transmitted by dogs and cats come from the hair and saliva, which cause problems like allergic bronchial asthma or allergic rhinitis.

Other diseases transmitted by domestic animals

Leptospirosis is transmitted through urine or water contaminated with urine of dogs, cats or rats. It is common outbreaks of leptospirosis appear in times of floods, when people come into contact with contaminated rainwater. To avoid it, avoid leaving food at night for your pet (if you catch it in the morning, it may be contaminated with urine). Fight mice, vaccinate their pets annually, or if you are from a region where the disease is common, every 6 months.

Toxoplasmosis is caused by a germ that lives in the intestines of cats – in cities, the main one is the cat – and comes to man by contact with animal feces. Women should take special care not to catch this disease, not eating raw milk or handling raw meat without gloves during pregnancy and if they already have the disease, should take extra special care for the baby is born with problems.

Finally, you should know that if you really want to have a pet, just like everything in life, take good care of him and he will bring you good things.

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