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Contact Lens: Adding Charisma to Comfort

Posted by rafael on January 15, 2013 in Health

If you are among the people, who wish to get rid of spectacles and correct your eyesight, then all you need is a nice pair of contact lenses. Well! You may also use a pair of cosmetic lenses to make your eyes prettier. If you want to know more about lenses, its types and textures… keep reading! Or, visit articlesweb.org.

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Nowadays zero power contact lenses are available. These designer zero power contact lenses are used by those people, who likes to change the color of their eyes very often. What motivates people to switch from glasses to contact lens is the appearance of their eyes or the boredom of wearing glasses for a long time.

Contact lens is light and provides comfort to wearer’s eyes. Besides, it offers hassle free performance, which is usually encountered while wearing normal glasses/spectacles. When compared with spectacles, you’ll find that contact lens provides good peripheral vision to the wearer, which spectacles lack to offer. In addition, they do not let moisture to accumulate on lens, which thus promises to offer clear vision in any condition.

Contact Lens

Contact Lens

Types of Contact Lens and its Functions:

  • Contact Lens Providing Corrective Function- These types of contacts are designed mainly to improve a person’s vision by correcting the refractive error. For correcting this error, a spherical contact lens is used. This is worn in order to correct eye problem such as myopia.
  • Contact lens for Cosmetic reason- These types of contacts are mainly designed to change the look or appearance of one’s eye. Apart from providing a cosmetic touch these lens can also correct the refractive error of the eye. Cosmetic lens are mostly bought by people willing to change their eye color and appearance rather than using it to correct vision.
  • Contact Lens Providing Therapeutic Function- For therapeutic treatment soft lenses are used to treat the non-refractive errors of the eye. These lenses are used in treating number of disorders such as dry eyes, keratitis, edema of the cornea and corneal abrasions.

Material of Contact Lenses:

  • Hard Lenses- Hardlenses offering an uncomfortable feeling to the wearer, which made it lag the popularity race. The very first lenses which were made of poly methyl methacrylate or PMMA, commonly known as hard or rigid lenses. The main disadvantage of hard lenses is that they block the passage of oxygen to the cornea which can affect the eye severely. After few years of its launch, a new and better hard lens was developed which allows oxygen to pass through the cornea. However, for some reasons it failed to grab a good market.
  • Soft lenses-Soft lenses offered lots of benefits and ease to people, especially after the introduction of rigid lens. These lenses are far more comfortable, where hard lens provided an uncomfortable feeling unless the wearer gets accustomed to it. Great difference such as oxygen-permeable lenses and comfort were witnessed with soft lens.
  • Hybrid lenses-These type of lenses are not much popular and preferred less by people. Hybrid lenses offer hard lens eye correction benefits and the ease like soft lens to the wearer.

Resource Box: Nidhi Shrivastava has written this article. At present, she writes articles for various blogs and websites. For more information about contact lenses, please visit articlesweb.org.

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