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Where Are The Actors Of “Power Rangers”?

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Kimberly – Amy Jo Johnson

The favorite of the girls is the most successful ranger, began her acting career as Kimberly Hart, the first Pink Ranger of Power Rangers. Her big television success was in Felicity, where she had marked the role of Julie Emrick and released his song “Puddle Of Grace”. Amy Jo Johnson has been the star of several films such as The Terror Round School, in Rock Road and Track Raging, she joined the main cast of the series The Division Stacy Reynolds playing the police and also stood out as the villain of the series Wildfire Tina Sharp.

Jason – Austin St. John

After participating in “Power Rangers”, Austin rarely got a steady job in television or film. For about ten years, his life as an actor merely make special appearances in episodes of the series. Apparently, he gained a lot in recent years, this weighing about 100 kg and has promised to lose weight.

Austin dropped his acting career, now saves lives in Washington DC as a paramedic and doing odd jobs as an actor.

Trini – Thuy Trang

Although most famous as the “Yellow Ranger”, Thuy also starred in The Crow: City of Angels, Spy Hard, and others.

With the fame of the series, Thuy decided to use her “summit” as an actress and left the program along with two other actors in the cast. She tried to join film roles, but all she got was a minor character or participate as an extra.

On September 3, 2001 the car in which Thuy was traveling as a passenger suddenly lost control resulting in a fatal accident for the same.

Where Are The Actors Of "Power Rangers"?

Where Are The Actors Of “Power Rangers”?

Zack – Walter Jones

The actor was one of the few who managed to “shine” in a career outside the series “Power Rangers” and ventured into some roles. “CSI,” “Off Centre” and “New York Against Crime” were good moments in the career of Walter, who still participates in projects on American television. These, in turn, never left the drawing board.

Billy – David Yost

David was on the show for three seasons, leaving at the end of Power Rangers Turbo. Billy is considered the most intelligent of the Rangers and their inventions as the communicator and the teleportation-Morpher (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), Billy stood out from others.

After leaving the series, David Yost had no significant stake in the TV. Currently, David participated in the Power Morphicon in June 2007, along with the actors who have gone through the series. The meeting celebrated the 15th anniversary of Power Rangers. Today, David teaches literature at a university in Iowa and regularly participates in some movies to beak.

Tommy – Jason David Frank

It was the actor who appeared on television in most of the Power Rangers franchise, always living the role of the legendary Power Ranger Tommy Oliver: In 1993 – 1996 in the first series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, as the White Ranger and Green Ranger. In 1996, he became the Red Ranger in Power Rangers: Zeo, continuing the role in 1997 in Power Rangers: Turbo as Red Ranger. In 2004, Frank returned on the role of Tommy Oliver in Power Rangers: Dino Thunder, playing the Black Ranger on the team.

It is a black belt in karate and a blue belt in jiu-jitsu, in addition to practicing wrestling, boxing and MuayThai regularly. According to the website for your academy, Frank trains around 8 hours a day and teaches karate to children and adults.

At the end of 2009, the actor announced his entry into MMA.

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