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What is Special about Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches?

Posted by Vinícius Guimarães on May 23, 2012 in Culture

Cockroaches are found everywhere. They live in a extensive environments around the world. Cockroaches adapt easily to any environment.  They usually prefer warm and humid conditions and are often found in households.  There are also other kind of tropical species that need even warmer environments to live in.   They have a positive impact on the surroundings by being recyclers.  However it is a fact that we need to be aware about these creatures as they are having an important role in our ecosystem. Apart from the ones we see in our compounds, more varieties of insects and other organisms are found in different forests and tropical regions, which consist of many exceptional features. Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches are one among them, which has many unique features.

What is Special about Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches?

What is Special about Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches?

The main attraction of these types of cockroaches is their special sound and look they have when moving. These cockroaches have similar looks and sounds to that of a running mill roach. These amusing sounds are the main reason why they got this name.  They have the capability to force gas through their breathing pores.  This is the only kind of roach of its kind.  This type of cockroach is only one among the many numbers of fascinating creatures or organisms found in the Madagascar Island. The look itself is very different for these creatures. They consist of an oval shaped shiny brown body. Another exciting fact about these cockroaches is the absence of wings.

Unlike other cockroaches these have only a single pair of antennas. The male cockroach consists of some extra features which make them more attractive and different from others. The sporty large horns are the sign to look for in these cockroaches to determine the male one easily. These aggressive horns are utilized in several encounters with the rivals. This is the main occasions where these cockroaches produce their famous hiss effect, which they are known for. These live around two to five years and sizes up to 2 to 3 inches long.

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