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What Images And Messages Of Friendship Can Do

Posted by rafael on May 4, 2012 in Culture

Images and messages of friendship may not be considered as necessary or imperative for those who acknowledge that their relationship with someone is understood mutually. Yet when time takes its toll on possible meetings and conversations between two old buddies and one’s routine becomes extremely busy eye catching images and elaborate messages which reflect the bonds that two or more friends share are considered to be the ideal way of expressing one’s friendship with the other. Dropping a friendship message in one’s phone inbox for example or pasting a cute image of two friends on one’s Facebook wall can truly make one’s day and help the person realize the good and bad times that they had once shared with those who cared to send them the image or message.

What Images And Messages Of Friendship Can Do

What Images And Messages Of Friendship Can Do

Friendship in modern times is in fact truly and best expressed with images and messages, depending on the strength of the bond that two or more friends share. For example, an old school friend of someone might be residing in Johannesburg whereas the other person might be living in Melbourne on a job compulsion.

Now conversing with one another online or otherwise may not be possible in modern times, so dropping in an image which reflects the bonds that they had shared along with messages which inquire about what they have been up to and the desire to meet up, might bridge territorial boundaries and make them both feel a lot closer.

The image which is dropped in however, needs to be eye-catching to say the least instilling a bit of humor would be perfect. There is no point in having a dull image with a nice quote which just manages a forced smile on part of one’s friend. Thus, imaging and messaging could do wonders for two friends that may not meet often.

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