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Unusual Mammals – A Look Into Mammal Names That Sounds Unusual

Posted by rafael on September 5, 2012 in Culture

Certain unusual mammals have been spotted in various parts of the world. Some people have not even seen or heard of some of these animals which make them unusual mammals. Animals like dibatag, pademelon and the wrinkle-faced bat belong to the category of unusual mammals. Certain species like the Malayan Tapir which are found on the Islands of Malaysia and Sumatra are among the mysterious animals.

They resemble the rhinos and horses and they reside in tropical forests. They are abundant in Indonesia where they are considered to be similar to rhinos and even their footprints are misinterpreted to be that of rhinos. They are characterized by the fleshy trunk which aids them to sniff their way into the forest across leaves and trees. They are good swimmers.

Unusual Mammals – A Look Into Mammal Names That Sounds Unusual

The Mandrill is another unusual animal found in parts of Africa. The male mandrills have electric blue cheeks, scarlet nose and a golden beard. These animals are highly sociable and they are among the very few animals who gather food for their families. Sometimes the families join to form groups that bark, grunt and give crowing calls. The grasshopper mouse is found in Mexico and parts of Canada. It belongs to the scrub and arid areas and is also found in prairies. They are usually mentioned as wolf in mouse’s costume.

The wrinkle faced bats form another group of unusual mammals. They are mostly found in Mexico, America and the West-Indies. They feed on fruits found in the tropical forests. Their face has a mysterious appearance with flesh stacked over the skin. They have a throat flap which masks the face. The marsupial mouse is abundant in Australia and their life span is very short. The Raccoon dog is abundant in Japan, Finland and Siberia. They resemble foxes and have short legs. The hunt for these species is very much on the increase. Bush Dog and Okapi also belong to the category of unusual mammals.

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