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Ultimate Castle Experience With Malahide Castle

Posted by Vinícius Guimarães on March 28, 2012 in Culture

The Malahide Castle is found in the country of Ireland and it is amongst the oldest castles and also one of the most historic that is found in the entire country. Till the year 1975 it was occupied by the Talbot family and is certainly among the longest occupied homes not only in Ireland but also in the world. The Malahide castle has much historical significance attached to its name. It was residing place for the last Viking – Hammund. The Talbot family gained the property rights of the Malahide castle in 1185. Richard Talbot was the people who came in with King Henry and gain the right to reside here.

Ultimate Castle Experience With Malahide Castle

Ultimate Castle Experience With Malahide Castle

The Talbot family were the longest tenant to this castle and they occupied the castle for over a whooping 791 years. In between the 791 years, for around 11 years the Malahide castle were captured by the Cromwells as they had successfully conquered many parts of Ireland, including Dublin. But in 1660, the Cromwells were defeated and the Malahide castle was back with their original tenants. The building was renovated down the year and major changes includes the construction of the towers if the in the later 18th century. There were many battles and warfare that the Malahide castle has experienced.

There were many gruesome acts that also have had happened in this classic castle. One of the most gruesome includes the assassination of 14 members of the Talbot family while they were only sipping their evening tea.On the later stages the castle moved hands from Milo Talbot to his sister, Mrs Rosa Talbot. This was the last time that the Malahide castle remained in the hands of a Tablot family member. Rosa sold the castle to the State as the taxes were very high and controversies were regular in the air regarding the assets of the castle that were supposed to have been sold for personal benefits.

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