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The Best Preschooler Toys that Teach

Posted by rafael on November 26, 2012 in Culture

Toys are an integral part of a child’s life. They aid in learning, developing motor and social skills. If you want to buy toys as presents for your child this coming Christmas season, choose ones that teach. Here are some of the best toys you can give your toddler or preschooler.


There are so many different kinds of puzzles available in toy stores. You can choose from characters, sceneries, classic art, etc. Puzzles develop eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. Puzzles also teach your child how to pay attention to small details.

Imaginative play

Kids have an unbelievable amount of imagination. Give them different types of toys such as doctor sets, kitchen sets, supermarket sets or police sets. By immersing them in imaginative play, they are able to get access to different career options in the future.

Imaginative Play Preschooler

Imaginative Play Preschooler

Teaching dolls

These are dolls that teach your child how to button a shirt, how to zip up a dress, snap buttons and tie shoelaces. There are dolls for both boys and girls.

Push and pull toys

Push and pull toys might seem boring to adults but these things encourage your toddler to hone his balance and coordination skills.

Musical toys

Instruments such as guitars, xylophones and pianos help develop a love for music. There are also other melody-making toys to choose from so your child has a wide variety of toys to play with.

Blocks and building sets

Toys such as Lego spark your child’s imagination and develop his fine motor skills. You will be surprised at the things your child builds with these toys. The best thing about building sets is that you can add more as your child grows older and becomes more creative.

Arts and crafts

Kids just love painting, coloring and drawing. Give them crayons, stickers, colored pens and crafts sets and they are guaranteed to be busy for hours.  Who knows, you might have a little artist in training.


Tricycles and other kid-powered vehicles develop your child’s control and coordination.

Electronic learning toys

Tablets, mini kid’s laptops and other electronic toys teach your child the alphabet, the number system, colors, vocabulary, spelling, etc. These are more expensive than the other toys but are very good investments especially if you buy a tablet wherein you can download learning apps and tools for your child.

Toys can be both fun and useful at the same time. If you are buying toys for your little one, invest in good quality toys that they can use for a long time.

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