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What is a Natural Science

Posted by rafael on January 9, 2013 in Science

A branch of science which does research and study using the scientific method in the natural world. The study of Natural sciences determines the rules and regulations and the principle of the way the nature works in. This branch of science is grouped into five types and they are chemistry, astronomy, biology, physics and earth science. The nature of all these types of science is only to know the nature of human sciences.

The nature of human sciences is like anthropology, human sciences, linguistics and sociology. In spite of the differences in nature of studies of these topics they sometimes overlap in their findings and discoveries.  As like any other science the Natural sciences study is purely based on the curious fact. They also prove their findings in practical application in the real world like any other science.

What is a Natural Science

What is a Natural Science

When you look at the history of the Natural sciences it emerged during the early 16th century. And during those days it mainly focused on the facts like minerals, natural objects, plants and animals. The civilization then was also curious about finding new discoveries of any other new natural objects. Today this concept is derived as observation and study made in any natural object or natural history of any nature present objects.

It is said that during those days were Natural sciences started its origin it was more of a subject which was must to be known for the survival of the human beings. That is when people started observing the behavior and nature of animals and plants and started noting it down. They also discovered the usefulness of plants as medicines and foods. Then it was passed down from generation to generations. As the civilization developed the Mesopotamian and the ancient Egyptian cultures started a formalized enquiry about these basic findings.The revolution of Newton in the field of science started during the years between 1600 to 1800. That’s when the important discoveries and laws of nature were found out.


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