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The recent Latest news of Science

Posted by rafael on January 9, 2013 in Science

The Latest news of Science in the field of ecology is the discovery done by the ecologist Jason Samson. He has found out that climate is an important factor which influences the shaping and movements of human beings just like animals. Another recent development is done by the institute of medicine guidelines in America and that is that most if the Americans do not have to take the vitamin D supplements. The reason being that most of us get sufficient vitamin D when our blood levels are more than 20 nanograms per millimeter.

The recent Latest news of Science

The recent Latest news of Science

An older discovery said that people needed to have blood levels above 30 monograms per millimeter. Another Latest news of Science most of the pigs that had been tested positive for the virus influenza A during the year 2009 and 2011 shows no signs of illness now. This is based on the new study. The types of influenza that have been found in some pigs like H1N2 and H3N3 are those strains of viruses that have been circulating on those pigs from the year 1998. And in the year 2011 all of those H1N2 and H3N3 viruses found carrying a gene from 2009 pandemic gene of H1N1 virus.

This virus was similar to H3N2v strains of the virus which actually caused lots of human illness this year. The other Latest news of Science includes topics like recycling which are Eco friendly are very interesting. Recycling of plastics and papers and also jeans have had good effects on our nature. Scientists say that if the recycling process is improved then recycling of the rare earth magnets will also be possible. A laboratory is working effectively on removing a particular metal called as neodymium which is considered as a rare earth material. The trail of removing this from the mix of other materials in a magnet is on.Initial results of this process show that when a rare earth magnet is recycled it will be more useful.  Other Latest newsabout Science is that scientist can discover which people can expertise in a video game just by looking at their brain maps.


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