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Science Experiment Ideas as an Innovative Mission For the Global Scientific Community

Posted by rafael on January 8, 2013 in Science

Science is the cornerstone for our society, and we have much to thank for its advances and discoveries. But how these discoveries are made and why science is so important for our daily lives? These two questions are fundamental for our understanding of how human beings have lived in this planet for the last couple of centuries. There are much debate about the importance of the scientific community and its impact in our daily lives, but one thing is for sure, we would not live the way we live today if it was not for the advances of the wonderful world of science.

In this article we are going to see how science works and how a bunch of different minds all across the world have come together in the global scientific community. This community has been able to made several progression on the ways we understand and mold reality and I am pretty sure that their job has not yet been completed. There are many more questions left unanswered than we even realized in our vain philosophy.

Science deals with experiments and validation of knowledge. Actually for most scientists, the way science works is clearly to demystify some concepts and in this sense science have a job to negate knowledge and not to approve. The debate between several schools of thought on this topic is large and long, even if we have the space of a whole book we would not be able to talk about all the potential discussion topics. To put it shortly, one of the main questions that every scientist faces is: how true is this evidence I am seeing about this phenomena? How can I be assured that I am not fooling myself?  For that scientists have developed a huge array of techniques and protocols to ensure that what they are dealing with is truly scientific and has its roots in some logical and universal truth.

However science does not state what is the ultimate truth, although some scientists may think that way. The most important scientific view of our era, the Falsifiability, clearly states that a scientific theory can only be deemed not false, and our techniques and experiments can only assert that a theory is not false, yet. From this point of view we will never be able to say for sure something is true, or the only truth. The debate about this point is long and we do not have the time to talk about everything so we shall go directly to the point of this article, that is, experimentation are the cornerstone for science to achieve greatness.

Innovation is the Sub Product of Years of Experimentation

Scientists have been trying to answer some of the greatest questions of all time, such as what we are made of and why we are even here. But to answer this question science resort to the method, a very peculiar and interesting method: the scientific method. The most scientific expression we know nowadays is:”Everything must have a reason” and this is the formal believe for most scientific endeavors since the start of the Science Revolution around the 1600’s.

A reason, in this sense, is a cause or explanation for what happens in the world around us. Not to mistake for Reason, the rational brain mechanism that allows us to make assumptions and predictions. In this case, the scientific understanding, reason is the causal relation between two different events. However, to clarify expressions and debates this type of reason is called causality (or causation) amongst scientists, philosopher and other thinkers.

It actually doesn’t matter much how we called it as long as we’re aware of some of it main advantages and, principally, disadvantages. As everything in life, causality can have good aspects and some problems, as well.

Our brain has a distinct capacity to understand the world through models. Model is nothing more than a story that describes (normally using math, that is, the famous mathematical models) our world. Modeling the world, therefore, relies on the concept of causality; that is, every effect has a cause, or simple: If A, then B.

This simple idea that if something happens other will follow is underlying every scientific work. But modeling the world can be very difficult, especially if the object under study has a complex nature. The whole idea of models is that events in life have many correlation and we can use this kind of knowledge to better understand and predict the future.

There are some things that is truly scientific, such as curiosity to understand the world or the use of instruments for precise measurement of everything under the sun. For me, however, the most definite statement of Science is the Objectivity we should found in its Method. The Scientific Method is, arguably, the most important and astonishing collective endeavor humankind has ever done.

However, this method is not entirely understood by scientists, let alone regular folks that do not have time to pursuit scientific projects. There are lots of discussion topics around the scientific method, but this seems to be unheard of among the popular understanding of Science. People tend to think of scientific community as a unified group of likeminded people. That is not entirely the case, although I can understand why may seem like that to people that is not inside the walls of Science.

The Scientific Method is therefore a method that tries to answer some questions regarding nature using the most of our sense and our analytical tools. But it is not the end of the story as many scientists are still trying to find out ways to improve this method, in order to give more precise answer. These answers will be the innovation of the future years, but these innovations can only be realized via experiments. Science exists, so to speak, to make experiments, and from these experiments find answers to the most fundamental questions of life. It is not an easy job, but certainly is an important one. Hopefully we will have more answer in the future years.

The meaning of science experiment in the broader sense relates to any procedure that helps to discover a fact or truth. Science is a field where you can work upon your ideas to demonstrate facts with observation and establish the general truth.There are various subdivisions of the term experiment. Science experiment ideas are your own prospective thinking towards a general truth and how do you get a result. To get a positive result for any observation, certain tests need to be followed. Some of the experiments are controlled experiment, controlled experiment, factorial experiment, field experiment, lab experiment, Latin square experiment and prospective experiment.

Science Experiment Ideas as an Innovative Mission For the Global Scientific Community

Science Experiment Ideas as an Innovative Mission For the Global Scientific Community

Science experiment ideas vary from person to person. It is always a trial and error process that helps to verify and establish the facts. Experiments throw light into the cause and reason as well as the outcome of a particular project when it is manipulated. It is a procedure that is repeatable and the result is based on logical analysis.For centuries, so many advances as well as discoveries were made in the field of science. The credit goes to the aspiring scientists and their science experiment ideas. A well designed laboratory is an added advantage for the experimenter. In a Controlled experiment, the results obtained from an experiment are generally compared against a control sample.

But in the case of natural experiments or quasi – experiments, variables of the system are relied than just a manipulation of a few variables.Science experiment ideas are an expectation of the relevance of a particular test and its result which can be either supportive or disapproved. But never lose heart on a failed experiment as failure always leads us to success. Since experiments are observations that are repeatable, patience is the key factor and never give up. Word always looks up to great experiments and the brain behind it.

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