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Science Calculator and its Functions

Posted by rafael on January 9, 2013 in Science

Any electronic calculator which is usually designed for solving problems related to science is a Science calculator. This calculator is also using full in the fields of engineering and mathematics. They are widely used in both the field of education and professions. It simplifies the whole procedure of solving a scientific problem and helps in reducing the time taken which otherwise might take hours depending on the type of problem.

In some higher educational level Science calculator are being suppressed from the graphing calculator. This advanced type of calculator has super options like not only calculating and simplifying a science problem but also it has the ability to graph the given data into it and also is very efficient in writing and storing programs for the device. Comparatively modern scientific calculators have more options than a simple five function calculator.

Science Calculator and its Functions

Science Calculator and its Functions

The Science calculator is available in different features and models depending upon the manufacturer. However a normal scientific calculator includes functions like exponential functions and roots beyond the square root, floating point arithmetic, trigonometric functions. Scientific notations, logarithmic functions which can be used on both base 10 and e. quick access to constants such as pi and e.Trigonometric functions should include functions like hyperbolic trigonometry. A high end Science calculator should include functions like hexadecimal, binary and octal calculations which includes Boolean math. Other functions like physical constants, fractions, calculus, complex numbers, statistics and probability calculations, equation solving, conversion of units and programmability.  Most of the scientific calculators have traditional single line displays like a normal calculator.

But recently developed of calculators which have moiré then 10 to 12 digits and sometimes an extra space for the floating component. There are also few manufacturers who are producing calculators with multi display options. They have proved to be very useful in situations which need immediate solving of mathematical or scientific solutions. They are very advantageous in the field of physics, chemistry and also astronomy.


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