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Career in Poultry Industry

Posted by rafael on January 9, 2013 in Science

Poultry is the breeding of birds in a systematic way.  The basic science of raising turkeys, ducks and chickens is poultry science.  Poultry comes under farming, dairy and animal science.  The subject is taught to increase the food production in a healthy way.  The birds are used for experimental purposes like, for testing the effectiveness of human vaccinations.  Likewise many tests are conducted on ducks and chicks to improvise the immune system of humans.  The poultry has been a source of nutritious food for the human race from a very long time.

Career in Poultry Industry

Career in Poultry Industry

The poultry science is a career oriented subject.  The course of study includes Avian Physiology, Turkey production, Feed mill management and feed formulation, Poultry breeding, evaluation of live poultry, production and management of game birds in confinement, comparative nutrition and introduction to HACCP.  One can graduate in this field to pursue a career in poultry science.  With internship and summer job one can gain on the job training through thecollege ofAgriculture and Sciences.  Another option is working part time as Co-op., that is shuttling between school and work.  But this is possible only after completing two semesters atNorthCarolineStateUniversity.  For assistance to start the job students can go to the CALS career service office.

Students can gain experience by participating in research teams involving themselves in quality control, vaccination, the poultry development.  After an internship in poultry science, some of the career options would be, Hatcher manager, processing plant supervisor, feed mill manager, nutritional and feed additive sales, flock health supervisor and commodity broker.  Salary is paid as per the experience and qualification gained.  There are organisations like the Poultry Science Association and American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS), who would provide good career opportunities for the students.  The undergraduate courses in NC state are available at Department of Poultry Science, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Cooperative Education Program.  Related information can be availed from Occupational Information Network.


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