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Keeping a Monkey as a Pet

Posted by Vinícius Guimarães on January 31, 2012 in Culture

Monkeys are always nice to watch because of their funny appearance and behavior. Some may think about keeping monkeys as pets. But making monkey your pet is not that easy as you think. You have to take care for a lot of things in relation with a pet monkey. There are both advantages and disadvantages because of a pet monkey. Since monkeys are the animals that have the closest behavior to that of a human, it exhibit close attachment towards its masters. But one has to spend more time and have to be committed more than that with a dog or cat. Chimpanzees and squirrel monkeys are the most famous among pet monkeys. In the case of such kind of species adequate care is required in their food and the climatic conditions you provide. You may wonder to hear the fact that Capuchinmonkeys are trained to help physically disabled persons. The tasks commonly performed by them in such kind of situations are microwaving food, washing the face of the disabled, opening drink bottles etc. But these are only done after intensive training sessions.

Keeping a Monkey as a Pet

Keeping a Monkey as a Pet

Training monkeys as your pets requires extreme care and commitment. Sometimes people fail in doing that. Sometimes even a well cared and trained monkey may show its natural instincts. There are incidents recorded as monkeys attacking its owners without any particular reason despite of a long term attachment. Also, when pet monkeys are left in home without their owners they hardly get comfortable with the other care takers. This factor makes your vacation travels difficult.

Some people without children find pet monkeys as great relief to their psychological void. They often treat baby monkeys like human babies because of the cuteness and affection they have. In fact petting any kind of animals helps you to spend lonely moments in life and to avoid depression. So it will be a new experience to your life when you own your pet monkey. It will be a real companion in your life.

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