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How to Use Personal Development to Do Better in School

Posted by rafael on November 24, 2012 in Culture

Are you hungry to make the grade? Do you want to know the secret of many successful students? As you work on your inner world the outer world conforms. This means you can achieve much better grades in the classroom by working on your mental tools.

Improve your mindset to improve your test scores. Work on mental science to improve your ability to retain information, so you can more easily churn out reports or term papers. Change your perspective to more effectively complete your homework assignments. All of your results in life are rooted in mind, or how you choose to think and feel in each moment.

Meditate, visualize and affirm persistently to improve your testing ability quickly. Meditation helps you develop peace of mind, and a calm confidence which will be reflected in your test scores. Visualization helps you to see your desired academic results in detail. As you visualize persistently you will bring about the means to reach that end. Affirming an idea to yourself helps you to change your belief system. As your belief system changes concerning your grades you will become a better student.


Meditation helps you improve your concentration and keeps you calm. Meditating frequently can boost your test scores fast. You won’t forget answers, as your focus will be laser like.

Find a quiet spot. Still your body and mind. Focus on your breathing. If your attention wanders, note the object of your attention, whether it’s an idea, sensation, or memory, then move your focus back to your breathing. This practice improves your concentration immensely.

Personal Development to Do Better in School

Personal Development to Do Better in School


Imagining yourself succeeding in your studies attracts to you the ideas to help you become a better test taker. Calmly see yourself, in your mind’s eye, excelling at test taking. See your teacher hand you an exam with your name on it, marked with a perfect score of 100. Feel the elation of acing the exam. Experience the job, the thrill, the gratitude, right now.

These emotions help you succeed in your studies, by moving you into inspired action on a persistent basis. You become more adept at studying, concentrating with greater intensity. You are full of energy each time you step into the classroom. All because you began with the end in mind.


Affirming persistently helps you build a brand new belief system. As you believe different ideas about yourself, you move into different acts, and your new belief system creates for you an entirely new reality.

Affirm a statement to yourself to the effect of that you are a successful student who scores well on your tests. Inject real emotion into these statements, so that you really do believe them. Jump around. Dance. Do whatever you have to do to fall in love with your affirmation, to make it feel more real. As you do so, you will move into inspired action, making your affirmative statement a reality.

Take these steps to improve your test scores with personal development today.

Kelli Cooper enjoys sharing tips on how you can work on yourself to become a more successful in life, work and school.

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