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Common Cattle Breed

Posted by Vinícius Guimarães on April 27, 2012 in Culture

Cattle business for those who understand, is very crucial and has a lot of demands and challenges. Thanks to those who have cattle firms and run family cattle businesses either for food, dairy or any other products. It is the small firm that have provided a lot of food to the market and that is why you better take keen interest to know the cattle breeds available and those which are getting you the food on the table everyday. You might not be able to know much about the different cattle breeds and that is why I have made this easy for you.

Common Cattle Breed

Common Cattle Breed

Basically, other than the various contrasting breeds of cattle that are displayed on the cow shows, the basic and common cattle breeds we all should be aware of include Angus, Shorthorn, and Limousin. Each has varied traits and features which we are going to look at to help you understand these cattle breeds better. Angus is a very common breed and is easily notable because of its quality and tender beef. One major notable feature is that they are slightly smaller than many other breeds yet still they are the best tasting meet breed.

Cattle breeds such as the Shorthorn is basically an English breed with just a small resemblance to Angus. The Shorthorn breed is liked because it not only provides quality meat it also provides good milk. Limousin breed has France origin and are characterized by a red color on them with some being black. They are highly valued and have a good meat although it has been noted that they are irritable hence you will not find them on shows. Now that you know the common breeds, you can now order your favorite meat at your choice restaurant because you know what you are eating.

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