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Cake Boss Cake

Posted by rafael on October 23, 2011 in Culture

Cake boss is a popular reality show series. This series is aired on a popular cable television network known as TLC. Over 2.3 million viewers watch this show. The main character of the show has appeared on the show as a cake decorator. The resident of East Hanover has been charged in both towns East Hanover and Morris County with first, second, third and fourth degree sexual assault of a fourteen year old teen on March 9.

Cake Boss Cake

Cake Boss Cake

The Carlo’s bakery is a famous bake shop. It is serving the society for more than 100 years. This bake shop was founded by Carlo Guastaferro in the year 1910. But in the year 1964 this shop was took over by Buddy Valastro Sr. who is the father of Buddy Valastro Jr. who is now run the shop with the help of his family. The most famous cake boss cakes are wedding cakes. This bakery is famous for making vanilla, chocolate and also other different types of flavored and coated wedding cakes even four or five storied cakes also. All off these cakes are decorated with ribbons and other accessories. Other famous Cake Boss Cakes are birthday cakes designed specifically for birthdays of boys and girls of different ages. Other than those different theme based cakes, personalized cakes with the real pictures is also very famous Cake Boss Cake.

A cake for a birthday of a girl based on a design of a treasure trunk, full of treasures, totally made with chocolate or can be like the Disney castle, colored on white and purple and tastes awesome in Vanilla with a little pinch of blackberry. The most famous cake for a boy can be based on the themes of his favorite comic books characters like Superman, Spider man, Iron man etc or can be based on the designs of a baseball field with his favorite players playing.


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    hi i want to lean how to make cake like you do so how can i get into it and where do i start from i am in columbus ohio. thank u

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