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Brown Recluse – The Most Venomous Spider

Posted by Vinícius Guimarães on June 20, 2012 in Culture

Seeing a spider in your home is a common thing. Of course, the spiders are quite harmless too.But, of these species the most dangerous one is the brown recluse spider. As the name says, these spiders are reclusive in nature. It likes to occupy dark and undisturbed areas.

Owing to the violin shaped body, these spiders are commonly referred as “fiddle back” or “violin” spiders. In some places, they are also called as brown fiddler. Being a member of the group Loxosceles, the brown recluse spider is a native to the United States.

Brown Recluse -The Most Venomous Spider

Brown Recluse -The Most Venomous Spider

You can easily identify the brown recluse spider using the identification marks. The brown colored spider have dark violin marking towards the bulb shaped abdomen, which is covered with some fine shiny hairs. The color of abdomen varies from light tan to dark brown. Unlike other spiders, these ones have only six pairs of eyes arranged in a semi circle pattern. Also identification of sex is a pretty easy task. Though both are venomous, males have comparatively smaller body than females. Females lay nearly 50 eggs during the rainy season and the hatching of egg may depend on the weather conditions and availability of food.

Normally the brown recluse spider is non aggressive in nature. But any type of provocation or disturbance can make it hostile. The bite this spider can result in deep, painful wound that takes a long time to heal. The physical reaction to the bite depends on the amount of venom injected to the individual. Usually the symptoms of bite include fever, restlessness, nausea and vomiting.

If the bite is conformed, the patient should immediately seek medical attention. As a first aid, you can apply ice pack over the area to relieve pain and swelling. You can control the indoor infestation of the brown recluse spider by an efficient pest management approach. So, first recognize the pest and learn how to take care of it with proper pest control technique.

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