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Automotive Legends: Legacies Left Behind

Posted by rafael on November 3, 2011 in Culture

Legacies Left Behind

In every industry, there is always a legend that is being molded. In automotive industry, automotive legends were not made they were born. Some may be considered as automotive legend because of their skills in driving but some are considered automotive legend because of what they have imparted in the automotive industry.

Carroll Hall Shelby is considered as one of the automotive legends. He was born in eastern Texas. He grew up in a religious family and has a younger sister. In his younger years, he worked as a golf caddy and when he entered high school, he developed an interest in flying and then he went to a military school.

Automotive Legends: Legacies Left Behind

Automotive Legends: Legacies Left Behind

After the war, Shelby has entered the oil business, eventually left the job, and started a dump truck business. He also then raised chickens but unfortunately, his chickens had died.  That is the time he decided to enter the field of racing and fortunately he won. Mike Lavelle is an artist. He graduated with a degree in sign painting in Boston’s Butera art school.  He was fond of pin stripping motor cycles. He started this kind of commitment in some local shows. He favors wildlife art on vehicles. Now he has a studio called killer paint located at Snohomish Washington.

Larry Watson started pin stripping when he was in high school. Watson used to be with Dean Jeffries, Gene Winfield and Von Dutch. He would watch Von Dutch doing some pin stripping and later on he would copy it by then people would think that it was the work of Von Dutch. Later on, he experimented for different techniques and styles for pin stripping. George Barris started a club, Kustoms of Angeles, which is now known as Kustoms of America Club.

George traveled in different places, raced, wrote, and went to different talk shows to promote his cars. George designed a car but hired people to fabricate his designs. These are few of the legends that have contributed on automotive field but being a legend does not end here, you need to further enhance and establish a good foundation for automotive industry for future generations.

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