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Where to Find Famous Australians

Posted by rafael on November 15, 2012 in Celebrities

Australia is a curious place to live. This big piece of land in the south east of Asia is a continent on its own. This makes this place home of some curious flora and fauna that has evolved only in this remote island. Also this is the newest world and its inhabitants have not seen any of the integrants of the outside world for millennia.

The living creatures that somehow end up there had to adapt to some extreme weather and landscape. Even after the ‘discovery’ of Australia in the late eighteen century and its posterior occupation by several trailblazers, this is a country proud to be unique and quite special.

Australians have their own habits and routines, but somehow they are very connected to the country that once colonized and, perhaps, civilized Australia. That is, England and other Anglophonic countries.  Some Australians are quite famous in those countries, especially the United States of America, a place where most of the most famous Australians go to live and entry to make a career.

In those countries where people speak English, and even in countries that English is not the first language, but, due to the influence of the United States, it has great knowledge of foreign celebrities, the celebrity list of people that call Australia home is quite long. Some are extremely famous, and everyone in the world will remember some famous Australian, such as Mel Gibson and Cate Blanchett. Others will have a legion of fans in some particular (and, perhaps, peculiar), field of interest. Nevertheless, the thing is that there are many Australians that have celebrity status in most of the world.

Famous Australians are also found in sports, especially cricket, the nation’s hobby. However, there is more sports in which Australians excel and therefore gain some much appropriated attention. Many celebrities in the sports world are famous for the prowess in the water, such as Ian Thorpe or Dawn Fraser, two of the most recognized faces in the swimming world. The land sports also draw huge fandom in and out of Australia, and familiar faces as Greg Norman and John sales are worldwide celebrities on their respective fields.

And, perhaps, more importantly, is the not so famous, but extremely helpful, work of scientists. Many Australians have helped developed several breakthrough in science and medicine. But, unfortunately, they gather less attention from the media and therefore less money. Celebrity status is, perhaps, not their main goal when they enter their field of research, but surely they would benefit from more attention and money to develop more and more breakthrough medicine and discoveries.

The Australians You Did Not Know Were From Down Under

As most of the aspiring artist and scientist in the world know, there is just one place to go if you want to develop your career. That is, you should go to the United States of America, the place with the two biggest cities for arts, Los Angeles and New York, and many scientists go to the highly influential Universities, such as Harvard and Yale and many more.

They achieve fame and fortune in the United States and sometimes they even reduce their accents in order to get more jobs, especially if they are working in the show business industry. They can easily blend with their new home and many of us even forget they are from a place half way across the globe. They were born far apart, but the resemblances are quite striking.

Many successful faces in the movies and television are actually from the sunny country of Australia. Many actor and actress like the new Thor in the Marvel’s film franchises is from Down Under, and now lives in the United States. Television is also a place you could find many famous Australian, such is their presence inn many different show. The list is quite long and we do not have time to mention them all.

There is such a broad  and stellar list of the many faces in the small screen, that we call television, but actually can be seen in many, many new devices, that are from Down Under that we could even used some days discussing all their career. But we shall give just one good example: Rebel Wilson, the star of many comedy movies but has achieve greater success in the small screen, where she plays an normal girl in one of the most popular TV shows on the United States and possibly the world.

The Really Famous Australians

Of course for all those that tries and succeeds in having an artistic career, there thousands and perhaps millions that try and do not get the same luck, and have to try other career. But we are going to talk about the really famous in this simple article and those includes scientists as well as actor and actress and other types of artists, and of course the many sports men and women that have achieve greatness in the pools, pitch and turfs.

The really famous Australians, considering all of the three carriers I have talked about, some have claimed worldwide recognition.

For the scientists, many have won the highest prize, that is, the Nobel Prize, in their respective areas. Perhaps the most incredible and successful work done by Australian scientists is the development of penicillin, the first and most important antibiotic on the world, saving lives of millions  of people in the whole world, throughout the last century.

Many other scientists have been granted several important prizes and worldwide recognition while working in Australia, but the usual process of scientific work is done outside the country borders, in world famous institutions in Europe and America.

This is also a common pattern for sport men and women that have to leave the sunny days of Sydney or Melbourne to go England, France or Japan, so they can earn their money. Although the market and economy of Australia is quite big and self-sufficient, there are undoubtedly bigger markets in world where those athletes could go to make a financial safety net for their futures and the future of their families.


The most famous Australians are people who are well known for the roles that they have played in making Australia a better place to live in. They come from all spheres of life and shadow diverse frontiers like politics, games and business. These famous people have been recognized for the contributions that they have made in their respective fields. There are some many places where people can come across the names of these people and their illustrious and unique achievements. Diverse sources are plagued with information about these renowned Australian personalities.


Where to Find Famous Australians

Where to Find Famous Australians

The best place to go looking when one wants to read about famous Australians is on the internet. The internet provides you with innumerable sites that exhibit a wealth of information about great Australians. The listings that exist on these sites display these people in the positive light. The sites tell of the feats that these people were able to achieve and the challenges that they met along the way. They reveal that many great people undergo a lot of suffering before they finally get recognized. Many historians and researchers have been involved in the making of these sites. With a basic search on the famous people from Australia, you can get hundreds of results.

Famous Australians can also be found on many history books. The books have been distributed to many places all across the world and are used for reference. Many of these books can be found in libraries. The books are a rich source of information because they provide detailed information about the famous people. The books primarily give an inside scoop of the life and historical background of famous people. Also, one can find this great information from teachers who teach history. These teachers have a lot of information about these people. The last place to find information about famous people from Australia is through the media.

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