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Remembering The Beatles

Posted by rafael on November 10, 2011 in Celebrities

The March of a Time

The Beatles are known worldwide as one of the greatest bands to ever grace the music industry. The band was made up of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. This dynamic group made history in the world of music, and are revered as one of the best bands. The Beatles definitely changed the music world.

The Beatles started off as a quartet, and later became one of the best rock bands that ever played. Many fans believe that the Beatles is the best band, and cannot be convinced otherwise. Whatever the case, there is no refuting that this band made an enormous impact in rock n roll, and in the music industry as a whole.

Remembering The Beatles

Remembering The Beatles

There are many reasons as to why the Beatles became so popular. One of the major reasons was that the band fit perfectly. The four band members together seem to fit perfectly, and perfectly executed the musical genius that was the Beatles. Their stage performances were a spectacle, and each performance was to the expectation of the crowd.

Their lyrics also seemed to strike a nerve with their audience, and were able to garner an audience that elevated them to an almost supreme level. The Beatles caused much hysteria during their appearance, and were widely sought after around the world. Their tours sold out, their albums hit record sales, all in a span of a short time.

The Beatles were an icon of a generation, and became the inspiration of many great bands that followed. Their music was almost like a religion for many, and the kind of euphoria that they trigged had rarely been seen before. Their music is still widely listened, and created a path for many musicians that later followed. There is no doubt that the Beatles was one of the greatest bands to ever perform on stage.

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