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Paul Burke: The Actor of the Last Century

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Paul Burke was an American actor who portrayed lead roles in many television series. He was born in New Orleans in 1926. Even at a very young age, Paul was determined to become an actor. After fulfilling his academic needs, Paul went for training at ‘Pasadena Playhouse’. Paul began his career as an actor by appearing in the film ‘golden girl’. He played only a minor role in the movie. Besides, he appeared in guest roles in other movies also.

In 1956, he played the lead role in a television series ‘Noah’s Ark’ as Dr. Noah. After performing in this series, he appeared in another series for a few episodes. However, he grabbed several opportunities to act in some movies during that time. Later he co-starred with David Hedison in the espionage series ‘five fingers’. After ‘five fingers’, Paul played the lead role in another series ‘Naked City’ as Detective Adam Flint. He showed his best performance in this show and received Emmy nomination for the same twice.

Paul Burke: The Actor of the Last Century

Paul Burke: The Actor of the Last Century

In 1960s, Paul acted only in a single movie. However, he was busy with many TV series. When ‘Naked City’ was over, Paul portrayed Captain Joe in the series ’12 O’ Clock High’. He appeared in the series for three seasons. ’12 O’ Clock High’ was his last television series in which he played a lead role. After that series, he received some opportunities to act in movies. ‘Valley of Dolls’ and ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’ are two films he appeared during that time.

Even though he did not get any major roles, he was active in television series. He continued to work for CBS’ and appeared in series produced by them. However, Paul retired from acting in 1990 and led a peaceful life. Unfortunately, he was attacked by leukemia and passed away in 2009 at the age of eighty-three.

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