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Marlon Brando

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A Professional Actor

As a professional actor Marlon Brando has made American film industry proud in all ways. He is considered as one of the most talented main stream actors in world history. Brando was born on the year of 1924 in Nebraska.  He had special way of acting and was famous for his ‘method’ acting style. Being one of the most influential and greatest actors of the 20th century, he had fans in almost all countries. 1950’s where the golden times of Brando, in those times he got Oscar nominations for best actor.

He had also claimed BAAFTA best actors 3 times in a row in these years. Marlon Brando gave life to many extraordinary characters, which made him the outstanding actor among the incredible ones. His role as the character named Stanley Kowalski gave him the initial popularity he needed to start his dream journey in the film industry. That was in the film A Streecar Named Desire on the year 1951. He had also made an award winning presentation as Terry Malloy in the play ‘On the Waterfront’. One of his iconic portrayal  was about to come in the year 1953.

Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando

That was in a film named The Wild One, in which he played the role of a rebel motorcycle rebel leader. This character named Johnny Strabler became very popular in that time. The role which Brando had done in the movie The Wild One is considered as one of the most prominent images in pop ethnicity.

Viva Zapata! And sayonara where few of his other plays that take him to reach the peak of his career.  He was one of the most costly stars of the time. He had also played the roles of the actor and director in a western film named One Eyed Jacks. After that he had many up and downs in his career. Unfortunately this unmatchable talent died on July 2004.

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