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Joelle Carter, the Beautiful Actress!

Posted by Vinícius Guimarães on February 13, 2012 in Celebrities

Life in show-business has many interesting aspects we can talk about. But one of the most interesting, if not the most interesting, is the seamless of the appearance of all the entire TV and film stars in their Hollywood make-up and dresses. Certainly we became dazzled by their inherent beauty and majesty-like behavior. Even the little, less-known stars have some distinct difference from our regular, everyday life. But, no matter what degree of beauty any actress or model has, we still have to remember they’re humans and have quite normal lives as human beings. Many celebrities had a normal upbringing and that’s exactly the case with Joelle Carter, daughter of the less famous of the Jimmy Carters.

Joelle Carter is an actress that was born and raised in the United States of America. She was born on the autumn days of 1972, on the October 10th in the state of Georgia in the eastern part of the continental US. But she actually was raised all over the US as her father was serving the US Army. She probably grew accustomed to lots of changes and travels schedules that inevitable made her stay just temporary in any city that she has lived as a youngster under the parenthood of her not-famous Jimmy Carter father and the rest of her family.

Her life was really what you can expect from a family with three kids and lots of changes, almost as unpredictable as the weather or an artist behavior. That’s probably why she turned to Arts as soon as her High School graduation finished and she went on to university life with a dream of studying theater and photography. Then, when she firstly took a modeling job in New York City, she started to become entice to pursue the show-business life, thus she got into acting and producing.

Obviously she didn’t have much contact with the show-business environment so her career took that path of many other aspiring actresses: lots of failed TV series, and indie movies. But she is certainly a beautiful woman and has reaped the benefits of such good looks. However, she is also much more than that. She became a producer of many indie movies with her partner in business and husband, Andy Bates.

Life doesn’t means only working and taking care of your family and she has many other hobbies as her years in high school can surely tell. During her High School years her father had already settled down in Georgia and during that spell she excelled in sports. Also during her time in the Georgia High School she had many good grades and eventually a university thought that would be interesting for her to pursue an academic degree and, for that excellence in sports plus her good academic record she earned a scholarship in Augusta State University.

Her college years helped develop her passion for photography and theater that has ultimately pushed her into an acting career. After finishing her studies in those mentioned areas, she started working as a model in New York City for modeling companies such as Elite and Wilhemina Models. This was a good and honest way of making money but her passion for acting had grasped her by the wrist and led her into the worldly renowned theater scene of New York.

Soon after starting her modeling career she started another career as an actress in less known off-Broadway shows in the Big Apple, such as Robert Redford’s “The Horse Whisperer” in 1998.This first effort was not met with another theater attempt, but she didn’t let the actress in her die as she then turned her attention to independent film industry and its boasting scene. In the last years of the 1990’s she played lots of interesting characters in many indie films. Most of the films, though, relied on her beauty to be the main aspect of her character. Although her abilities to express emotions deeper than mere external beauty has been already proved, she has, nonetheless, been mostly called to feature her beautiful golden hair in many independent films.

Since then she has appeared in many independent film production, television film, and small parts in lots of series. During the first years of this infant century that we live in, she has performed in several different shows and TV programs such as the famous detective TV series Monk and less-known medical TV series “Wonderland”. She also has appeared in many directly-to-TV movies such as ABC production “Quarantine”. One of her most famous participation in any movie production, though, was in the sequel to the famous teenage comedy “American Pie”. She appeared in the less acclaimed and highly underwhelming “American Pie 2”.

Finally she acquired worldwide fame with her debut as a main character in a hit TV series so far: her role in the TV crime and drama series called “Justified”. In this show she plays the part of the long-lost love of the principal character’s life. She adds much for the dynamics of the show and has become quite famous for this particular character. “Justified” started in 2010 and has been able to be in the air for full five years and in 2015 we’re going to see the last of this good series based on the more than good books of renowned author Elmore Leonard.

Although what she brings to any TV or film production is the much needed beautiful model that can actually perform as an actress, nowadays she can focus her attention to other areas of the show-business affair. Her many skills as an actress is now somehow diminish by her role as a producer and now she owns, jointly with her husband, her own production company, the Blarma.

This production company has already made several movies and she has worked in most of them as a producer and sometimes sharing her beautiful face as the prime actress in the cast. Mostly though, she relies on her production skills to develop and create many movies and TV series. She certainly is a beautiful actress but as her story shows, she can be much more than just a pretty face.

Are you a fan of Joelle Carter? Born on 10th of October n 1972, Carter grew up in an army family. She did her high schooling from Albany in GA. In her childhood, she had frequently moved around United States, since being part of an army family. Then she went to Augusta State University and acquired scholarships in cross country and swimming. Later after completing her second year in the college, she moved to New York to start a career in modeling. She started of the career by working with Wilhelmina Models and Elite.

Joelle Carter, the Beautiful Actress!

Joelle Carter, the Beautiful Actress!

She later made her debut in Television in Law & Order, in 1996. She got married to Andy Bates, an editor, producer and cinematographer by profession. Both of them together formed a film production company and named it as Blarma. Altered by Elvis, a documentary in 2006 came under this production company. They then produced Girl and a Gun, which won the Best Original Short medallion at the Washougal International Film festival. Joelle Carter was also a part of this movie.  You can also find Carter in the movies, “Lisa Picard is Famous”, “Indies Swimming”, “American Pie” and “High Fidelity”. Apart from these she was a part of numerous television programs as well. One among these projects is the series Wonderland, which was created by Peter Berg. It turned out to be a controversial series.

In addition to her performance in various television shows, Joelle Carter is proud for being part of the documentary Altered by Elvis. She was very much excited to be able to attend the 2008 Cannes Film Festival with the movie ‘Jumping In’. She also attended the Boston Film Festival with the film ‘To be Friends’, which was directed by Jim Eckhart. Her other recent movies include “City of Jerks” directed by Phedon Papamichael and the movie “Eyes to See”.

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