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Hank Cheyne – The Fortunate Actor

Posted by rafael on February 13, 2012 in Celebrities

When thinking about American actors the first picture we get is that of an actor with cowboy looks and masculine body. They are also well known for their unmatchable acting abilities and styles. Anyways picking the best from them is almost impossible. Hank Cheyne is one among them who well deserves to be in the top listed actors of all times. Like any other actor he also had some trade mark characters and roles, which is still in the minds of his fans. However he was part of a variety of TV series in which he showed all his capabilities and talents.

Hank Cheyne

Hank Cheyne

Cheyne was born on August in the year 1958. Santa Maria in California was his birth place. He was brought up there and went to Santa Clara University to complete his graduation. It was in 1980 he took degree in accounting from this University. He was also a good baseball player. Thus he is proved to be physically very fit and suitable for any masculine roles that demand some hard work or physical efforts. After completing graduation from the Santa Clara University, he joined to UCLA law school to take another degree in law subjects.

It was in that particular time that the actor inside Hank Cheyne was explored completely. Even though his original name was Hank Garcia, he changed his name to Cheyne when he started acting. There was a very strange reason behind this. Hank Cheyne’s parents met in the city of Cheyenne, Wyoming and this made him choose Cheyne as his screen name. His role as Ricardo Torres in the soap Opera ‘Sunset Beach’ is one of his roles that made him favorite among the viewers. The role of Scott LaSalle in ‘Another World’ is also a good role through which he is always remembered.

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