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Chris Burke (Actor): His Life Goes On

Posted by Vinícius Guimarães on September 29, 2012 in Celebrities

Chris Burke (actor) is an American singer and actor who suffer with Down syndrome. He was born in 1965 as the youngest child off Marian Burke and Frank Burke. When he was a child, his physicians found that he has Down syndrome and recommended his parents to admit in a care center. However, they decided to raise him at home itself. They struggled hard to develop his instinct skills and talents. His siblings helped his parents in their effort. Even at very young age, Chris wished to appear in television. He received great support from his family to fulfill his dream.

During his childhood in 70s, there were no much facilities of special care for students with disabilities in public schools. However, Burke’s parents took him to ‘Kennedy Child Studies Center’ in New York. In 1973, they sent Burke ‘Cardinal Cushing School and Training Center’ in Massachusetts. He did not continue his studies there for a long lime. In 1978, he joined at ‘Don Guanella School’ because his brother was living near to that school. He completed his graduation from that school.

Chris Burke (Actor): His Life Goes On

Chris Burke (Actor): His Life Goes On

Chris began his acting career when he was at school. He appeared in the school drama ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ at ‘Cardinal Cushing School’. Later when he moved to ‘Don Guanella School’, he appeared in the reenactment of ‘Thriller’ produced by ‘Michael Jackson’. As a professional artist, he began his career in 1987 through a television movie ‘Desperate’. Chris could impress the producers of this series and they chose him for their next television series ‘Life Goes On’. He portrayed the character of a person with Down syndrome. He became a renowned actor through this show. Chris Burke (actor) appeared in many other movies and series. He co-directed the documentary ‘White water Buddies’ in 2009.

Chris has received several nominations and awards. ‘National Rehabilitation Hospital’ honored him in 1993. Now, he is active in the industry and his ‘life goes on’.

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