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Bo Derek s Political and Acting Career

Posted by rafael on September 18, 2012 in Celebrities

Most celebrities are known to have more than one name that identifies them such as at case of Bo Derek. This American film actress was born in the year 1956 in November 20th where she was referred to as Mary Cathleen Collins. Other than her acting career, the film star is also known to be a model, as well as a sex symbol, which came about when she filmed in a comedy film referred to as film 10 back in the year 1979 where she played the role of Jenny Hanley. The public however criticized the various roles that Bo Derek featured in his various films such as in Tarzan, Bolero, The Ape Man, and the Ghosts. In today’s film industry, the actress features mainly in documentaries.

Bo Derek s Political and Acting Career

Bo Derek s Political and Acting Career

Her career life is however not made up of acting only. Bo Derek is also featured in various incidents when it comes to politics, which forms a basis for her career. This American star is a strong supporter of George Bush. Due to this, she has featured in the son’s campaign for instance; in the year 2000 and 2004. Other than that, he has also featured in various events of David Dreier of the republican congressman in Southern California. Being a strong supporter of George Bush played part in her career enhancement especially when Bush appointed her among the board of trustees back in the year 2006 among the committee of operations.

The famous American film star has filmed in several films, which contributed in her fame such as ‘Orca, Frozen fear, Tommy boy; Ghosts can’t do it, the master of disguise, and woman of desire’ among others. She begun filming in the year 1977 whereby up to date she is still filming despite the critics that she has faced as a film star. She has also featured in several television series such as CSI Miami.

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