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Top 3 Pinay Celebrities Today

Posted by rafael on November 15, 2012 in Actress

The Philippines is a country that greatly celebrates their pinay celebrities. Some can be such die hard fans that they form fan clubs that go as far as promoting their favorite star or even pitting rivalries with other fans that support other celebrities. Some of the most popular pinay celebrities today include the following:

Sarah Geronimo – This girl is not your typical gorgeous mestiza face that most Filipina actresses look like. Sarah looks just like the girl next door, to the point of being ordinary and plain. But what Sarah has is a powerful voice and an energetic spirit on stage that quickly captured the audience’s interest. What’s more, she has a sweet demeanor that everybody loves, making Sarah the number one pinay star as of today.

Top 3 Pinay Celebrities Today

Top 3 Pinay Celebrities Today

Kim Chiu – This girl started her journey to stardom as a housemate for a reality show called Pinoy Big Brother. She was able to win the series thus thrusting her into the world of show business. Together with her initial love team, Gerald Anderson, Kim made several hit movies starting with First Day High, which led to a series of projects. She then became known as the teleserye princess for her role in the sitcom “TayongDalawa”. Today, Kim is still starring in evening shows, with the recently concluded “My Binondo Girl.”

Anne Curtis – The long legged beauty is now rising to the top as the Filipino masses slowly realize that although Anne may look stylish and elegant, she can still be funny and kooky at the same time. Anne started her journey into the mainstream with the series “Dyosa”, but became most popular when she was casted as the host of a noon time show called “ShowTime”.These are the most popular pinay celebrities as of today, and they are bound to rise in stardom some more. However, there are other stars out there who are also worth looking into.

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